TODAY is Exit UN Day (#ExitUNDay)

Yesterday was United Nations Day…

TODAY is Exit UN Day (#ExitUNDay)
Let’s get the United States out of the United Nations

Yesterday we received over 5,000 signatures on our petition to get United States out of the United Nations. We need 10 times that number to get the attention of Congress!

That is why the American Policy Center is declaring October 25th to be Exit UN Day (#ExitUNDay)

We need your help to spread the word about our petition and Exit UN Day. I need your help with 2 things

1. Sign the Demand for Referendum On Exiting United Nations — we’re sending each petition directly to Speaker Paul Ryan via email – we’re flooding his inbox!!

2. Please use the links below to share this message with all of your friends and family by email and on social media. Be sure to use #ExitUNDay on all social media!

I have never seen so many people ready to get the United States out of the United Nations – EVER!

But it’s true.

Since England voted to get out of the European Union, Americans now see that it’s actually possible.


But the time to strike is NOW!

Today, right now:

Sign your Demand for a Referendum to Exit the UN

This vital document demands that Congress take immediate action to set up a national referendum – a national vote – for the American people to finally have a say – Do we leave the United Nations or not?

That’s exactly what the British did to get a chance to leave the European Union!

People said it wasn’t possible to even demand such a vote. But they got it.

Then they said there was no way the British people would support a vote to leave the European Union.

But they did – and they shocked the world!

The people of Great Britain voted to take back control over their lives.

Now it’s OUR turn.

We the People of the United States demand our right to be heard.

We demand our voice in deciding how much power government will have over our lives.

And we demand to have the ability to vote on that power – to not be controlled by a non-elected dictatorship like the United Nations!

Sign your Demand for a Referendum to Exit the UN

The fact is the UN is driving to enforce global policies that would:

  • Tax us without representation and set up a global IRS.
  • Create an international police force that would threaten the independence and security of our nation.
  • Create its own court system with no right to trial by jury of our peers, with a special focus on prosecuting “right wing extremists” (that means you and me!).
  • Interfere with our Constitutional form of government through a series of international treaties.
  • Ram thousands of ‘refugees” from the hate-America Islamist Third World into our cities and towns, overriding the objections of American citizens.

When King George did these things to the colonies, our Founding Fathers took action to stop him.

Now, to preserve the freedoms secured for us by our courageous founders, It’s urgent that you and I take immediate action and call for this referendum to exit the U.S. from the UN.

The fact is the United Nations is the root of all the threats we face. It is the most dangerous force on Earth, and no moral nation should ever be a part of it.

England had enough of the tyranny of the EU that was destroying its economy and its national independence.

The shock waves of England’s exit from the EU has stirred other nations, including France, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands, to begin their own calls for exiting the European Union.

That is spreading panic into the New World Order crowd who thought they had us under control. They are panicked!

Now it’s OUR turn.

Imagine their panic when we succeed in getting an American UN/exit vote!

That’s why I’m asking you to join this revolution for freedom by signing your attached Demand for Referendum on Exiting the United Nations. The time is ripe to flood Congress with thousands of these Demands.

My American Policy Center (APC) has done it before. Ten years ago APC delivered over one million petitions to Congress to demand that the US get out of the UN.

And we were winning the debate when polls showed over 60% of the American people supported our efforts to get out of the UN.

Unfortunately, the terrorist attacks on September 11th scared the American people and President George Bush went crying to the UN for help, destroying our efforts to get out.

Well, now we have a new chance. The British vote has renewed the hope that nations can be free of this world government monster.

The first step is to get a referendum to vote it out.

So please, take that first step right now – sign your Demand for a Referendum to Exit the UN.

Sign your Demand for a Referendum to Exit the UN

And will you please help me build this referendum campaign with your financial support?

APC created the nation-wide battle to stop Agenda 21. APC also led the successful battle to stop President Bush from creating a North American Union.  And APC has been an internationally- recognized leader in the fight to get us out of the UN.

APC is a fierce, effective voice in the fight for the principles of liberty.

But individual contributions like yours are APC’s ONLY source of income. We receive no grants or large corporate donations. So your support is vital to APC’s work.

I believe the time is very short for America’s independence if the UN’s global governance agenda goes forward unchecked.

Already Obama is working to again create the North American Union – the very threat the British just overthrew.

The time is now. The British did it against all odds. So can we!

Please help me save our nation’s independence.

Sign your Demand for a Referendum to Exit the UN

In liberty,

Tom DeWeese

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is President of the American Policy Center and National Grassroots Coordinator for CFACT (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow) working to help local activists organize into Freedom Pods ( He is also the author of three books, including Now Tell Me I Was Wrong, ERASE, and Sustainable: the WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property, and Individuals.