Advisory To President Trump on HUD’s AFFH

I know you are watching the shocking and absolutely viscous daily attacks on President Trump.

He has to defend himself constantly for every move he makes.

How can he focus? How can he make any progress?

Or, in other words, When you’re up to your neck in alligators it’s difficult to remind yourself that your mission was to drain the swamp!     

That’s what is happening to a great number of the promises President Trump made during the campaign.

I certainly can’t blame him.

But, there is something you and I can do!

He needs to hear from you and me. We need to send him a powerful message that breaks through the attacks by the Left.

That’s why it’s urgent that you send your Advisory to President Trump!

Let me explain.

Right now the federal agency of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is enforcing a program called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) to destroy the property rights and property values of the middle class in communities across the nation.

HUD is using the program for pure social engineering to change the very culture of the nation, and destroy the concept of property ownership. In the process HUD is using law suits and intimidation to destroy the Founder’s concept of local rule that is elected by the people.

AFFH brings law suits against locally elected governments, forcing them to comply with federal regulations.

AFFH actually places your community into a non-elected regional council that makes the rules for your community – pulling government further from you.

And AFFH is the source of the grant programs I’ve warned you about so many times.

In short, AFFH is social engineering, destroying neighborhoods and enforcing Agenda 21 policy.  AFFH IS THE SWAMP!

President Trump promised to get rid of this horror show.

New HUD Secretary Ben Carson has also pledged to stop it.

But it hasn’t happened. AFFH continues to attack local communities and home owners.

Now the fight to stop AFFH just got worse for you and me.

A few days ago I learned that someone inside the Trump Administration has nominated a man named Neal Rackleff to be the Assistant Secretary of Community Planning and Development at HUD.

This would be the very person who would oversee the removal of AFFH.

But under Rackleff that will NEVER happen.

Because Neal Rackleff is the worst possible person the Trump Administration could possibly put in this position.

You see, Neal Rackleff is a partner in a law firm in Houston called Locke Lord. They make their living promoting “community and economic development, affordable housing, and municipal law.”

In short, Neal Rackleff and his law firm are the very lobbyists that are pushing these damaging HUD programs you and I are trying to stop!

Why on earth would President Trump allow this to happen?

Obviously there are people in his Administration working against him. And he is so distracted from all of the attacks against him that I’m pretty sure he is unaware of this terrible situation.

That’s why it’s urgent that he hears from you and me.

You and I need to make some major noise to get his attention.

  • We must stop the nomination of Neal Rackleff.
  • And we must ask that he instruct Secretary Carson to immediately begin to roll back the AFFH program and give relief to local communities and homeowners from this government tyranny.

In spite of all of the noise and attacks coming from the Left – you and I must be heard!

President Trump needs to know that people inside his Administration are NOT following his wishes.

He needs to know that bad policies like Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) are still destroying our right of private property.

And he needs to know that someone inside his Administration is trying to fill positions with the very enemies President Trump is trying to drain from our government agencies like HUD.

That’s why it’s urgent that you send your Advisory to President Trump! But to get his attention it is vital that I have thousands of these emails sent to him!

I hope when President Trump gets our Advisories that his response is to get mad — very mad. And that he issues immediate orders to stop AFFH – and above all to order the withdrawal of Neal Rackleff’s nomination as Assistant Secretary of Community Planning and Development.

Let me share this bit of Washington, DC knowledge with you…

If you and I can raise enough of a ruckus to succeed in stopping this nomination we will send shock waves throughout official Washington. And that is a powerful thing.

If we win this battle – then we will start to win a lot more!

But if we do nothing, then we will continue to be ignored.

This is our chance to finally turn things around and drain that swamp.

So please, right now, send your Advisory to President Trump!

APC is starting to make a big difference. As I told you in a recent email, I am organizing a major new effort for the defense of our property rights.

That plan is starting to come together! I’ve begun to assemble the team I need. And I have made appearances on several major radio networks to discuss my plans. Next, one of the nation’s leading Constitutional experts agreed to join my team as an advisor. In addition, I received an invitation to put together a proposal to create a major new documentary to expose the assault by government on property owners.

Right after that conversation I got the call I’ve been waiting for. I have been invited to meet with officials at a major government agency to discuss how we can begin to roll back regulations to stop the assault on private property!

I am helping to create an effective new way to fight government. It is aggressive. It focuses on all levels of government. And it provides the answers to protect property rights and build prosperity and freedom for all-Americans – without government programs!!

Stopping AFFH and the terrible Rackleff nomination is a major step forward to put this new plan in action!

I believe that if we can protect private property at the local level from government control then we can save our freedoms as a nation. That’s APC’s mission.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.