Green New Deal, Pandemic Tactics, and a Renewed Freedom Movement

For more than 30 years I’ve been awarded tinfoil hats and labeled a conspiracy theorist and hate monger because I had been able to read between the lines of the UN’s Agenda 21 and its plan for restructuring our society. I issued warnings that even the established Washington, DC-based Conservative movement ignored.

Then, last year when the global forces used a nitwit bartender to launch their Green New Deal, the Republican Party laughed, saying it was just too crazy to be taken seriously.

Well, now I’m issuing a new warning. The global forces are working hard behind the scenes to develop a plan to train activists, elected officials, and the complicit news media to launch an all-out drive to impose the Green New Deal at every level of American government. They intend to use the tactics they have learned from the Coronavirus lockdown. Fear is the key. The new urgency will be “flatten the climate curve,” using the pandemic tactics.

First, let’s make one fact very clear. The Green New Deal IS Agenda 21, most recently labeled the 2030 Agenda. There is no difference and if Congressional Republicans like Senator Mitch McConnell and the national Conservative leadership in Washington, DC had listened to my warnings over the years they would know that. In fact, we could have killed this insanity when it first infested national policy under Bill Clinton’s Administration.

Instead, the Republicans were dumbfounded and amused when Ocazio-Cortez suddenly laid down the gauntlet that now threatens to remove and replace our very system of government and economy. Of course, Congressional Republicans stated the plan was dead on arrival and is not to be taken seriously. But they have done nothing to build opposition to it – instead they sit on their hands.

Meanwhile, in lock-step, progressive politicians are lining up behind the plan to drastically change the American system away from free markets, private property, and individual choice to top-down dictates by those who claim we have an environmental emergency that calls for drastic action using policies that have proven disastrous wherever and whenever tried.

The newly Democrat-controlled state legislature of Virginia has been a major news story this year, primarily for its direct attacks on gun ownership. But much more is happening especially through environmental legislation, right out of the Green New Deal.

Claiming a climate crisis, the Virginia Democrat leadership has passed the Virginia Clean Economy Act. The purpose is to end the use of fossil fuels in the state. That would require perhaps as many as 850 massive wind turbines off the coastlines of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Science has proved that these turbines don’t work. So, residents of Virginia need to prepare for massive energy shortages and possible energy curfews — affecting quality of life, jobs, and manufacturing.

California has passed legislation calling for the end of fossil fuel use and complete conversion to wind and solar energy within the next ten years. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti declared that the city would abandon plans to rebuild three natural gas power plants despite concerns that the city could face acute power shortages as a result. “This is the Green New Deal…not a concept, not in the future, but now,” Garcetti said. To provide even the minimal energy the state needs would require thousands of acres for the turbines and solar panels, destroying farmland and open space, as wildlife is destroyed.

New York City Mayor William DeBlasio has introduced his own version of the Green New Deal in a bundle of ten bills designed to meet massive reduction of energy use, as required in the UN’s Paris Climate Change Agreement. And, as detailed in the GND, the deBlasio plans calls for eliminating one million cars from the road. Already, using the pandemic, New York is closing down many streets, banning cars, and forcing pedestrian traffic.

So it goes, city by city, state by state, GND plans to replace America’s power supply with some windmills and blind hope for the best.

Meanwhile, we are witnessing a complete transformation of our cities as city councils and county commissions rush to create Smart Growth communities using massive high-rise buildings designed to eliminate the need for personal transportation. Instead, federal grant programs are pushing plans for light rail trains, trolleys, and bike lanes. The plan is for us all to walk or ride such transportation to work and shopping, thereby reducing the global warming threat, as called for in the Green New Deal.

As the Smart Growth high-rise buildings begin to tower over the cities, a new movement has begun to eliminate single-family neighborhoods. City governments, such as Minneapolis, have declared that zoning for single-family neighborhoods is racist as folks who live in these homes are self-segregating themselves from people they don’t want to live next to.

Their solution is to eliminate such zoning and allow the building of “affordable” apartment buildings in those neighborhoods. In other words, government housing that will have a severe impact on the home value and equity that was to create personal wealth for the owners. Oregon, using the excuse of a housing crisis, has become the first state to fully ban protections for single-family homes.

Meanwhile, as the attack grows on private homes, much of the high-rise pack and stack Smart Growth buildings are rental properties. The attack on landlords has begun as city governments accuse these property owners of charging too much for rent. Of course, the landlords are under siege from ever-increasing taxes and regulations. So they raise rents. Not fair, say the Green New Dealers. Thus, more communities are forcing rent controls on the landlords. Baltimore, Maryland says landlords should not be allowed to even ask prospective tenets if they can afford the rent. That, too, is racist.

Attacks on American agriculture are growing rapidly. The beef industry has actually come under the control of radical environmentalists such as the World Wildlife Fund, which promotes an agenda to eliminate beef consumption, a major goal of the Green New Deal. Individual ranchers and beef growers are at the mercy of once-reliable

representatives such as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association to represent their interests and protect them. Instead, these representatives, including the packing companies that hold the key to the marketplace, are siding with the enemies of beef.

These examples, then, show how the Green New Deal is steadily creeping into every corner of American society. To control how and where we live, what jobs can exist, and what we may eat. There are also calls for universal pay, where all receive the same, regardless of effort.

History has show that such policies destroy incentive to self-improvement and work ethic, resulting in massive shortages of goods and services. Proponents of such ideology have called for Zero Economic Growth through total control of the populace. It’s a massive welfare program where all decisions are made by non-elected, all-powerful boards, planning commissions, and councils.

Now the power elite, which prey on the poor and helpless, are determined to finish the job. They are fast moving toward the goal of eliminating individual nation states, controlling individual actions, and wiping private property ownership from the face of the Earth. Their goal is to make us all “equal” in the same chains to assure none of us can disrupt their well-ordered utopian nightmare.

However, the forces behind the reorganization of human society under the threat of environmental emergency ran into a problem. People around the world were beginning to tire of the global warming threat and ignoring it.

What to do? Take note. The Cornonavirus pandemic has become the perfect diversion to scare us into accepting many of the Green New Deal goals. It got us locked down in our homes, using less transportation and less energy. It got us to stop traveling on airplanes, a key objective of the Green New Deal. And it has built the power of government beyond anything Americans could have imagined.

First, we watched as Nancy Pelosi and her team attempted to stack the emergency economic stimulus COVID-19 legislation with major parts of the Green New Deal, including citizen dependence on government money and control of the free market.

Now, as that crisis begins to subside and people are looking forward to getting their lives back to normal, the forces behind the Green New Deal are preparing to push even harder to put it into law, especially on the local level. They are determined to keep many of the massive controls in place. Free enterprise, individual choice, and private property ownership are the main targets.

While you and I have been hunkered down in our homes during this crisis, they have been using the time to form training classes over the Internet to recruit and teach a cadre of activists how to get these policies put in place.

During the nationwide shutdown I was able to intercept several of their plans. Here are just a few of the messages the radical promoters of the Green New Deal were issuing on how to use the Coronavirus tactics to promote their green agenda.

  • “Global Green New Deal Supporters Urge World Leaders to Learn from Coronavirus to Tackle Climate Crisis.”
  • “The Coronavirus pandemic makes what we’ve already known clear: we need a Green New Deal to stop climate change, provide desperately needed jobs, and halt future mass pandemics.”
  • Time to switch to Game B – a globally-cooperative humanity worth its name…The plan has a name: A Green New Deal.”
  • New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the chief sponsor of the Green New Deal, is using the Coronavirus panic to attack the property rights of landlords, saying “people shouldn’t be making money off of just owning property.”
  • The Governor of California said the Coronavirus crisis is “an opportunity to advance a more progressive agenda.”
  • A force called “Security and Sustainability Forum” held a series of Internet Townhalls during the pandemic to meet with local elected officials and to train activists to push this agenda.
  • An environmental activist and Democrat candidate for the state Senate in Colorado, Arn Menconi, said, “Coronavirus has proved we can afford the Green New Deal…”

Then the tactic quickly spread internationally as the World Economic Forum (WEF) working with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations urged governments to focus on a plan to “flatten the climate curve”.

Another UN NGO group called Global Center for Adaptation said they must not let the Coronavius crisis go to waste and should work to exploit emergency measures passed in the heat of the panic in order to promote their broader agenda.

Most recently, the Brookings Institute issued a report entitled “How the Sustainable Development Goals can help cities focus COVID-19 recovery on inclusion, equity, and sustainability.” Those three things, by the way, represented the Three Principles of Agenda 21 which have been labeled the three Es, including Social Equity, Economic Prosperity, and Ecological Integrity. You will find these three items now used continually in new policies flooding government from the local to state to federal level. It can only mean that the all-out drive is on to use the pandemic to rush the Green New Deal into place, thus transforming our nation.

This premise was clearly revealed by the Club of Rome, one of the architects of Agenda 21, as it issued its own report, calling for a “Green Reboot” after the Pandemic. Be alert! Universal messages like this don’t just happen by accident!!


Now, the most dangerous details have been uncovered.

I reported last year that the forces that got Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the so-called “squad” of leftist congresswomen elected, and had also helped create the Green New Deal, were George Soros-funded groups including, the Sunrise Movement.

Now it has been learned that the Sunrise Movement is deeply involved in organizing the riots that have taken place across the nation under the excuse of protesting the George Floyd murder. Less than two days after Floyd’s murder, the Sunrise Movement was swinging into action — initiating already-prepared plans and tactics. They didn’t call it protest, they called it RESISTANCE, saying burning buildings and violence are legitimate resistance. They announced that their goal was to “prepare for the Green New Deal or make way for leaders who will!”          

Can it be anymore obvious what the Globalist Left has in mind for the freedoms of the United States? The immediate target is your local government and they have already trained another cadre of players to begin the assault through legislative means to make it law in your community.

They are preparing plans right now to force their agenda in state legislatures and city councils after this pandemic crisis passes. They are determined to force the Green New Deal into every corner of our lives.

During this pandemic, governments at all levels have grabbed massive powers to control our lives. Government rarely lets go of any powers once they have used them. We have never faced such a threat to American liberty. The Left intends to continue to use fear to sneak in the Green New Deal piece by piece. We must prepare now to stop them.

We must never allow these massive regulations over our lives to become the “new normal”! If we fail to stand up and take action now – we may never get the chance again. If Americans want to save our precious Republic and restore American freedom, we must not back away from this fight. But how do we fight? The battle must be fought primarily on the local level in the city council chambers, the county commissions, and the state legislatures to counter the Green New Deal forces. And it must also be fought through robust election campaigns at every level of government.

Build on them and go for more. One of the stories I hear over and over again from local activists is that they tried to take a stand, but nothing happened. Some have even said they had over a hundred people show up at a city council meeting, but the city officials ignored them. I then ask, what did you do the next day? They answer, well, nothing, because it didn’t do any good!  That is why we lose!!! The other side expects you to go away as they move forward with their agenda. One thing we must learn as we take stand is that every victory, no matter how small is a victory. Build on it.

There’s no question that it’s a big job. That’s because it has been neglected by our side for decades as the Left moved in relentlessly to fill the gap. They started with the election of one city councilman, then a mayor, then a county commissioner, then a legislator, then a governor. And now, today, you can clearly see the power they built through patience and determination. That’s why Leftist mayors and governors across the nation now have the power to shut down the economy and enforce their agenda while we feel helpless to stop them. We haven’t done our job!

Organize on the local level. Step by step, take action to make your own community a Freedom Pod. That means the goal in your own community is to take action to demand that private property is protected and preserved, free enterprise protects and grows the economy, and you have the freedom to choose your own personal life dreams. To do so makes your community unique – a Freedom Pod. Achieve it in your community and then help expand it to the next. We will build freedom from the bottom up – not from the top down.

Maybe you think we can’t do that.  Do you think it’s hopeless because we are outnumbered by all-too-powerful forces? Let me share a couple of true stories with you that illustrate two separate political approaches. Which one will you choose?

Just before World War II, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain negotiated with Adolph Hitler out of fear and weakness, pleading with the Nazi leader to “please not hurt us!” Hitler said OK as he smiled and signed a worthless treaty he had no intention of honoring because he knew Chamberlain wouldn’t have the guts to take action if he did break it.

Chamberlain gleefully announced to the British people that he had achieved “Peace in Our Time.”           Well, we know how that worked out!

I’m sorry to say, that is exactly the tactic many Republican and conservative leaders have taken today. They try to counter the radical destruction of the Green New Deal by offering more “reasonable” legislation.” Can’t we all just get along?

Incredibly Leftist incumbents have openly admitted their goals and we have the video tape to prove it. Their agenda is now naked and obscene. And Americans who have never supported our principles of freedom before are now awakening to the horror of that agenda. We have never had a better opportunity to completely defeat them at every level and restore the Republic.

But like Neville Chamberlain, the Republican leadership hides behind meaningless tactics, or takes no action at all. Those video tapes should be used in massive attack ads, revealing the true story to the American electorate. There should be a determined plan underway to secure our ballot boxes to make sure every vote cast is secure and honestly counted. And there should be challenges to every leftist incumbent in every race. There should be energy and determination to win. If all of these efforts were taken, we would wipe them out at every level of government and repeal their tyrannical agenda.

But none of that is happening. Too many are just sitting back, convinced that Donald Trump will win. Well, even if he does, if we’ve lost every city council, mayor, governorship and both houses of Congress, then Trump won’t even get through his Inaugural address before he’s thrown out of office.

But here’s another story – a different lesson for us to follow.

In July of 1863, a collage professor from Maine found himself in command of the 20th Maine regiment and they were positioned at the end of the Union line on Little Round Top on the Gettysburg battlefield. If the enemy succeeded in turning his regiment, the entire Union line would collapse and perhaps the entire war would be lost. That college professor’s name was Joshua Chamberlain.

After several fierce assaults by the Confederates, the 20th Maine had run out of ammunition. All was about to be lost as the Confederates prepared to launch another assault. Chamberlain’s men, in panic, asked, what do we do? Unlike Neville — Joshua Chamberlain understood the terrible consequences if he failed to act decisively. He did. Incredibly he ordered his men to “CHARGE!” And with empty guns they ran down the hill, routed the Confederate forces, and won the day.

We are being betrayed by our elected officials who have promised to defend our Republic. If we are to save it then we are the ones who must take action. Don’t feel intimidated. Don’t believe you cannot make a difference. And don’t believe you are out of ammunition. We have never had more ammunition and political weapons to fight with. And the fight must be begin at the local level and move up!

Freedom’s enemy believes it is now set to take the final steps to fully impose their agenda. They don’t think you will fight back. And for good reason – we haven’t effectively fought back for decades. Instead we have stayed home and trusted elected officials to stand for us.

But now, we know their game plan. We know the players. And we know what we have to do to stop them from destroying our nation.

Across the nation I’m seeing a renewed spirit growing out of the anger and frustration of the past several months, from the pandemic lockdown to the riots and destruction in our streets. So, our own game plan is beginning to take shape. What do we do? The enemy has revealed itself – right there in front of us. You know what you have to do! Prepare to plant the Freedom Pods in your city, begin to organize and lay the groundwork, get dedicated freedom fighters to run for office, keep incumbent Republican’s feet to the fire, make them earn your support, and, like Joshua Chamberlain, CHARGE!!!

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is President of the American Policy Center and National Grassroots Coordinator for CFACT (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow) working to help local activists organize into Freedom Pods ( He is also the author of three books, including Now Tell Me I Was Wrong, ERASE, and Sustainable: the WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property, and Individuals.