The Ideal Communist American City

Amatai Etzioni, futurist and communitarian told us, “To make our physical environment more community-friendly, our homes, places of work, streets, and public spaces – whole developments, suburbs, and even whole cities – need to be designed to enhance the Communitarian nexus.”

Don’t know how communitarians think? In simple words, groupthink is vital; individualism is to become extinct (no, we will not all comply). You like your pink house on a 1/3-acre yard? Too bad, the group want to walk, live, eat, shop, think in tandem. Well, the plebians and useless eaters need to understand that is the way they “will now think, or else”. The Global Elite may also think in lockstep – but, for themselves, their groupthink is big mansions, 6 airplanes and a helicopter, caviar, foie gras, Wagyu beef, and Petrus or Romanee-Conti wine – while they devise the next weapon to do away with more of us until they reach the magic number – somewhere around 500 million, max.

Why this rant? What part of Cancel Culture am I so displeased with now?

According to Smart Cities Dive, a website for everything having to do with Smart Cities,[1] thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak and the lock-down, people loved it so much they are going to lock themselves down permanently in the ultra-smart cities being built.

The COVID-19 outbreak enhanced the popularity and growth of live-work-play buildings, up to a high of 49,100 new units completed during the height of the pandemic in 2020. This building style appeals to renters because it offers daily activities — living, working and entertaining — under one roof, according to report author Andrea Neculae. 

The development of new multifamily units as part of mixed-use “live-work-play” properties, which combine residential, office and commercial/entertainment uses at one site, has quadrupled in the past decade, according to data from Yardi Matrix. New unit completions in this category per year have risen from 10,000 in 2012 to 43,700 in 2021.[2]

This is straight out of The Ideal Communist City, written in 1968, for Communist East Germany, “built upon the rich heritage left by Soviet architecture and urbanism in the twenties (Unlike Western architecture which constantly turns to the past and is pseudo-conservative) . . .. The city embodies the highest achievements of our material and spiritual culture. As an inclusive organization, it connects residence and factory, past and future, individual and society. [3]

Up until Agenda 21/ Sustainable Development was dumped on us, Marx and Lenin were universally and justifiably vilified. Now Marxism is making a comeback via other evil-minded men and women trying to take control of the entire World.

Back to The Ideal Communist City: It is the special and historical claim of communism to be a work of conscious creation based on theory. We must begin to look at the prevalent forms of social relationships and to inquire into the effects they should produce historically on the whole spatio-temporal structure of communist life. This means that we should analyze the basic communist premises of society as elaborated by Marxist-Leninism and also the contemporary social realities that reflect these premises.” [4]

Chart of new mixed-use units under development.

Mary Salmonsen/Multifamily Dive, data courtesy of Yardi Matrix[5]

Smart Cities Dive noted that Manhattan “has the most multifamily units in ‘live-work-play’ (i.e., Smart Cities/Stack-n-Pack housing) buildings in U.S. And, Washington, D.C. “has built more live-work-play units than any other city, with 17,300.” [6] So, if you live there, your home will be on one of the residential floors, you may work upstairs on another floor, your shops, dry cleaners, restaurants, theaters, etc. will be on the ground floor. The school, library (if needed in computer age), will be nearby. And the park, called green space, also will be in walking distance. There will be no garages – you can walk, bike, bus or stay home. You are much more controllable this way.

What we are watching is the destruction of individuality; the building of those ‘60s an ‘70s ultra-boring boxes that were painted different colors so you could find your home; and the Great American Dream being replaced by Oceania and Ingsoc.

People all over America are now saying “NO!” We aren’t yet slaves or dead, so it isn’t too late. Freedom Pods[7] (go here to learn) are starting up across the nation. You can join or start one now and Roar with the Lions.

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