Action Alert: Stop the Con Con


To: Your State Representatives & State Senate (sign below & we’ll send this petition directly to them)

There is a growing movement in state legislatures across the nation calling for a Constitutional Convention (Con Con), specifically for the purpose of enacting a balanced budget amendment.

There is no question about the frustration and fear many of us feel concerning runaway government spending at the federal level and the urge to do something to stop it.

However, many well – intentioned state legislators are apparently unaware that there is no way to control the agenda of a Con Con once 34 states have passed resolutions to petition Congress to call one.

In fact, Article V of the Constitution gives no guidelines for organizing a Con Con; for delegate selection; or for delegate eligibility. All of those decisions are left to Congress to decide. States have no guarantee that they will even be represented. A Con Con could result in the complete change of our way of government. There simply are no controls to prevent that.

This is the worst possible time for such action. We have national leaders who believe the U.S. Constitution is out of date. We have members of the Supreme Court who believe that international law should set precedent for US law. If the Constitution is laid out for delegates to dissect, we could destroy the greatest governing document of all time.

Therefore: I, the undersigned, ask that you, as leader of your state’s House of Representatives, take the following action to stop the current drive for a Con Con:

1. If your state passed a Con Con Resolution to call for a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution during the 1970s, I urge you to lead an effort to rescind it.

2. If there is a new effort in your state today to pass such a resolution now, I urge you to oppose it.

We must preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States at all costs. The threat of a Con Con which could change it forever is a real and growing threat. Please take the above actions to stop it.

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