Career’s Lite Rammed Through House

There they go again. Buck McKeon, Republican of California and Bill Goodling, Republican of Pennsylvania marshalled H.R. 1385, “The Employment, Training and Literacy Enhancement Act or 1997” through the Education and Workforce Committee on a voice vote with no hearings. And then, only two weeks out of committee, these amazing floor generals were able to get a successful floor vote on the bill.

Why the rush? Perhaps they didn’t want you to know that this bill contained much of the same nasty stuff Conservatives revolted against with the infamous CAREERS Act in the 104th Congress: unelected Workforce Development Boards, strengthening of the Department of Education and combining it with the Department of Labor, and a new bureaucracy to infringe on parental authority. And this one even added corporate welfare and taxpayer bucks for labor bosses.

Of course Buck and the boys again managed to flim-flam their congressional colleagues with the same old story that H.R.1385 was just a good old “Republican” cost-saving consolidation bill that gave power back to the local authorities – and most of them bought it again – ignoring the pleas from the folks that put them there.

But what is the truth? Is H.R.1385 just good Republican cost cutting like Buck says – or part of Hillary’s agenda, as the “Back-to-Basics” activists charged?

The proof is in the vote. A full 56 Republicans abandoned Buck (only 4 Republicans voted against the CAREERS Act two years ago). But this time only 4 Democrats voted against the “Republican” H.R.1385. You know that Democrats rarely miss a chance to push their big government agenda – obviously they know how “conservative” Buck and Bill truly are.

Those of you who live in their districts should remember that too – come next election when these “good conservatives” need you to volunteer, give money and vote for their re-election. Really now, could you do any worse with a Ted Kennedy as your Congressman?

Stay tuned – the Senate fight is coming up.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.