Angry Over Abuses by IRS, EPA, BLM, etc.?

Much Worse Lies Ahead Under New UN Treaty

by “Fossil Bill” Kramer

Why must there always be some who insist on dictating to and forcing their beliefs on everyone else?

On his recent visit, Jiang Zemin, dictator of China, made clear that his government will never allow freedom of expression and has no intentions of moving towards democracy. He says people must be led (coerced, driven) for society to move in the right direction. He justified the massacre of students (and imprisonment of those who survived) at Tiananmen Square in 1989. After all, he explained, government knows best and cannot be criticized.

This, of course, is what dictators have always said. And with the “right Direction” determined by them and their henchmen, guess who always benefits most?

In Russia, Communist revolutionaries plotted to overthrow the Czarist tyranny – a commendable ambition. They promised if they succeeded that national wealth and the fruits of individual labor would be split equally among all. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” was their pledge as avowed Marxists. So millions supported them, many with their lives. But what happened in no way resembled their problems.

Now the earth is trembling under the advance of new revolutionaries called “environmentalists”. They promise to save the planet from countless catastrophes which, they say, have placed the future of all species – including humans – in doubt. They demand everyone contribute heavily to help them counteract emergencies such as:

Global warming (formerly global cooling); ozone depletion; deforestation; acid rain; overpopulation; habitat loss; destruction of wetlands; species extinction; nonsustainable farming, development and use of natural resources; desertification; floods; others too numerous to list.

They are lavishly funded by billions of dollars from corporations (Rockefellers, Mellons, Carnegies, and many others). Plus profits from sales of everything from T-shirts to world cruises (though tax-free, they compete with taxpaying businessfolk), AND funds from raids on United Way and other charities. This lets them buy media professionals, greed-driven scientists, and others to manipulate people’s minds.

Little wonder our family used to believe everything they said. And some of it – not all – used to be true. The air was polluted. The waters even more so. But by the ‘60s, Americans began awakening. Numerous environmental laws emerged, like the Clean Air, Clean Water, Endangered Species and other acts. Not all were good, but the need was obvious.

What none foresaw as that the movement which promised to save us for all our own folly would become too big for its britches. Grown arrogant and dictatorial, today, like Jung Zemlin, it “knows best”. So it plans to impose world tyranny on everyone.

It’s time for a new public awakening! No longer is the environment in peril. Instead, environmentalism itself has become the greatest peril of all.

Having ourselves finally awakened, we do our best to expose environmental groups for what they become. So they accuse us of having an anti-environmental agenda.

Yes, we do have an agenda. We’re dedicated to liberty, democracy, objective science, free enterprise and private property rights. We are certainly anti-environmentalism in terms of what today’s green movement represents. But we’re not “anti-environment”.

And when we criticize the current administration for supporting green foolishness, don’t ever think we’re died-in-the-wool conservative Republicans. Readers of this column are entitled to know something about our outlook, so here’s a brief overview.

My first vote was for Harry Truman. I think it was a smart one. Tec voted for him too. And we voted for Eisenhower. But we also voted against Nixon (for Kennedy). We’ve never joined a political party. Rather, we support whoever seems the best candidate.

Our opposition to Clinton and Gore doesn’t mean we’re committed to GOP nominees. But if Gore runs for President (as he assuredly will), Republicans would have to dig very deep into their waste pit of dreadful candidates to nominate one so bad we’d favor Gore.

Today many are concerned over gross abuses of power by EPA, IRS, BLM, Fish and Wildlife, and other bureaucracies. But wait ‘til you hear what Clinton and Gore, prodded by green groups, have in the works for us next.

A new UN “Covenant on Environment and Development”, being readied since 1989, would make provisions of Agenda 21 (adopted in Rio) international law, allowing anyone or any nation to sue any person, nation or corporation for “environmental” damages in a UN International Court.

For example, a small island nation could sue America for what it claims are damages from rising sea levels due to global warming caused by our emissions of CO2.

Or UN inspectors could arrest you for collecting feathers which drop in your yard from migrating birds protected by international treaty. What then? Forget trial by jury, A UN tribunal would hear your case and sentence you, possibly in Europe, or South America.

Impossible? Not at all. This, and more, is coming.

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Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.