How to Understand the Double-Speak of the Educrats

The most difficult aspect of fighting the restructuring of America’s schools from basic academics to psychologically-driven behavior-modification programs is the language. The education establishment has learned to use words that have double meanings or have no known definition in the English language. Consequently, moms and dads who stand in the arena, ready for battle are often disarmed by what seems to be a foreign language.

So in order to even the playing field, lets give all the players a peek at the same dictionary and cut through some of the double-speak. Shall we?

GLOBAL EDUCATION: the preparation of students to be globally interdependent citizens who have developed the proper attitudes about multiculturalism, eradicating nationalism, denouncing allegiance to one’s nation while pledging allegiance to the world community.

This has nothing to do with making the United States a leader in academic achievement.

EDUCATE: to teach children to be flexible and adaptable to group situations and challenges. No Absolutes.

And you thought it meant to teach children to read and write.

TEACHER: see “facilitator.”

FACILITATOR: non-directive, non-judgmental classroom leader. A change agent or technical assistant who chairs hand-picked committees, groups or classrooms to guide the reaching of preconceived conclusions or consensus. The process is referred to as “managed change” according to Clyde Hall’s book, “How to Implement Change.”

Facilitator – the title now given to teachers.

LIFE ROLE COMPETENCIES, LIFE SKILLS, LIFE MANAGEMENT SKILLS: the preparation for life, for all life roles – total development of the child’s body, mind and spirit. What the education system considers to be “relevant” in regards to the student’s attitudes, values and beliefs.

GENDER NORMING: the relationship of gender to achievement. Students are not graded on merit alone, rather on subjective gender expectations by the school staff, coupled with class performance.

If the boys perform better that’s because the girls have been oppressed and are afraid to show their true skills.

OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION/MASTERY LEARNING: A behavior-modification process designed to assess and catalog student attitudes, values and beliefs.

Once the profile is completed, a process is put into place to change or eliminate any ideas or loyalties the child has that don’t fit into a pre-designed, predetermined set of values and ideas. OBE is not a curriculum. It is an anti-intellectual, highly politicized, psychological process designed to create students who are accepting of and susceptible to control by selected authorities. Successful OBE programs produce students who reject individual goals and achievements in deference to the needs and goals of a group. Student acceptance of individual competitiveness, parental authority and traditional societal structures are seen as barriers to achieving a successful education process. Assessment tests and national standards are established to determine if a student is accepting the new set of attitudes, values and beliefs.

Concerns for academic achievement are never considered in the OBE process.

LEARNING: a change in behavior which persists. Under the OBE behavior-modification system, a child is said to be learning when assessment tests show that he/she has begun to succumb to and accept the predetermined set of values and outcomes prescribed and preset in the OBE process.

Where once a student answered “white,” but now says “gray,” the OBE process says he/she is beginning to learn. Soon he/she will answer “black” and the education establishment will declare that the student has “mastered” his/her “core subjects,” ready to add to the “Goals 2000” 90% graduation statistic to prove how the new education process is working.

MODEL SCHOOLS: a school in the process of restructuring to the OBE system.

  • There you have it – the beginners guide to education double-speak. Share this list with your elected officials – they desperately need this guide.
Tom DeWeese
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Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.