Today’s Classroom – Training Ground For Global Village Idiots

Over the past several issues of The DeWeese Report I have been dwelling on how the agenda of the United Nations is tied directly to the radical environmental movement and the program called Sustainable Development. I’ve also tried to show how the restructuring of our public schools, through programs like Goals 2000, School-to-Work, and especially the CAREERS Act, are directly tied to Sustainable Development’s restructuring of our communities and our nation as a whole.

I have been pounding away on these points so intently because I believe they represent the greatest danger ever faced by our nation. Restructuring of our entire society is taking place on a massive scale with little or no opposition from our elected representatives. I am greatly concerned.

So, not only have I been writing extensively on the subject, but am also traveling the nation to take the message directly to concerned citizens in a series of radio and television interviews and public appearances.

The result has been astounding. In some cases radio programs report that their phone lines have lit up in heavy response to my interviews. In many cases I have been asked back to give even more details. More importantly, during my live presentations I can literally feel the audience react as I pull together the mysteries of school restructuring and the environmental agenda. Suddenly a lot of things begin to make sense to them.

Because of the incredible response that I have received from those audiences, I have decided to reprint, for this issue of The DeWeese Report, the entire text of the speech I delivered in cities across the nation during the month of October, including Cleveland, Ohio, Clinton, New Jersey and Orange County, California.

Though much of this material has been published in previous issues of The DeWeese Report, never was it put together in such a concise, direct form to show, beyond a shadow of doubt, that there is a seamless system directing the environmental movement and school restructuring.

Address by

Thomas A. DeWeese

Cleveland, Ohio

October 24, 1996

“A plan to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”

Winston Churchill once said – “If you don’t look the facts in the face – they have a way of stabbing you in the back.”

Always, when I speak on the issues of radical environmentalism or education restructuring – the questions are the same. Why would anyone want to enforce an “education program” that fails to teach children basic academics? And why would anyone want to create environmental regulations that have no scientific basis. There is a direct connection between the two questions – and I believe the answers are shocking.

Let’s start with the environmental agenda. The rhetoric of the environmental movement states over and over that it is simply trying to assure that our air is clean, that our water is pure and that certain species of animals are protected from extinction. But if that were so, wouldn’t it follow that scientific facts would be vital to determine real threats to the environment?

Wouldn’t it be essential that money, time and effort be spent on solving real environmental threats while other concerns that have been proven false or of little consequence be ignored?

Above all, wouldn’t it make sense that, after all of the regulation, money and effort put into environmental efforts, there would be some recorded success?

But none of these things appear to be the case. Even after spending more than one trillion dollars on environmental clean-up over the past two decades; after allowing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to grow from a small agency to one-seventh of the entire federal budget, there have been literally no claims of environmental victory.

And in spite of the fact that peer-reviewed scientific analysis has uncovered no evidence of man-made global warming or ozone holes, public policy increasingly moves forward as if it were true.

The U.S. Congress spent over one half billion dollars for a study that concluded acid rain was not caused by human activity, yet the report has been ignored while regulations continue to force almost insurmountable burdens on industry to stop something that doesn’t exist.

Ranchers, farmers, the timber industry, the fishing industry and property owners in general are frustrated when sitting down at the table with environmentalists to work out problems.

The green demands don’t seem to make any sense to them. For example shutting down a forest or a road or a dam might hurt the local economy and, many times, the proposal doesn’t even make sense for the environment.

Sometimes, the only real effect would be to force people to move and for towns to die. “There must be some compromise that would help both the environment and the community,” say the locals. But there rarely is. Why?

Possibly because there is a different agenda afoot. Possibly clean air and water aren’t the real goals. Perhaps it’s actually a plan to turn back American development, industry and technology. Is it possible that the greens really seek to completely restructure American society into vast regions of wilderness, inaccessible to human activity?

Could the real goal be to shrink cities into small “urban clusters” and agrarian villages. Could the greens actually be thinking of ways to drastically reduce human populations and control human activity, reproduction and wealth?

Does that sound too much like the plot of a bad movie? Too much like sensationalism or hysteria? Well, guess what? These are exactly the goals that America’s environmental movement has stated through speeches, conference reports, publications and policy initiatives.



In 1992 the radical environmental journal Wild Earth, published by Earth First! founder Dave Foreman, produced a special issue announcing what it called “The Wildlands Project, Plotting A North American Wilderness Recovery Strategy.”

This outrageous plan called for the “rewilding” of at least 50% of ALL THE LAND IN EVERY STATE in America. In the introduction, Foreman writes, “The idea is simple. To stem the disappearance of wildlife and wilderness we must allow the recovery of whole ecosystems and landscapes in EVERY REGION OF NORTH AMERICA. Allowing these systems to recover requires a long-term master plan.” Foreman intended for the “Wildlands Project” to be that master plan.

The project mapped out eco-regions and biosphere reserves that were intermingled. It didn’t matter if private homes and farms, or even whole towns were in the middle. The project called for redistributing people, homes, and towns out of the predetermined biosphere reserves.

It called for reintroducing wolves and Grizzly bears. It called for shutting down the timber industry and eliminating cattle grazing areas and farms. It also called for the closing of roads and destruction of dams and bridges.

And the “Wildlands Project” ignored community, state and national boundaries. Foreman said, “we live to see the day when Grizzlies in Mexico have an unbroken connection to Grizzlies in Alaska; when the Gray Wolf populations are continuous from New Mexico to Greenland; when vast unbroken forests and flowing plains again thrive and support pre-Columbian populations of plants and animals…”

In such a vision, there is little room for people.

The plan is radical beyond imagination. Most would simply not take it as a serious threat to America’s way of life. The “Wildlands Project” was taken by many to be just the ravings of green zealots.

But later that same year, in Rio de Janeiro, the United Nations held an international conference on the environment called the Earth Summit. One result of the conference was a document call the Biodiversity Treaty to be signed and ratified into international law by each participating nation. Would you be shocked to learn that the Biodiversity Treaty contains most of the language and provisions of the “Wildlands Project?”

It does and the result is that the radical idea of a green zealot quickly soared onto the international stage to become a threat to American sovereignty.

But to further strengthen that danger, next came a host of UN-sponsored international conferences dealing with various aspects of the radical green agenda.


In Vienna the focus was on human rights, with the resulting treaties threatening an assault on the U.S. Constitution by making international “human rights” law supersede American law.

In Cairo, human beings came into the cross hairs as UN delegates attacked American attitudes against forced abortion and sterilization. Behind the facade of concern for over-population was the true agenda, the disregard for the value of human life – a key element needed to make the “Wildlands” vision reality.

In Copenhagen the United Nations revealed its daring plan for global taxes that would help finance the international restructuring scheme called for in the environmental agenda.

Finally, just this past June, the granddaddy of them all, Habitat II in Istanbul, Turkey boldly revealed the blueprint for implementing the agenda that would begin to turn our towns and cities into “environmentally friendly urban clusters.”

The Clinton Administration, through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), presented the plan, called “Community Sustainability – Agendas for Choice-making and Action.”

The HUD proposal became the basis for the UN’s plan to downsize cities, turn back the use of medicines and chemicals that are determined hazards to the environment, eliminate the use of cars, air conditioners and suburban housing.

Industry, private property and freedom of travel would be severely curtailed. Again, at Habitat II, the focus was on world populations and how to eliminate people. And the plan calls for a deadline of 15 to 20 years for completion of the process.

Does that sound too radical? I have here an original draft copy – printed on official HUD stationary – complete with the author’s name and phone number down at HUD. He’s proud as punch of his work and will openly talk about it.

This is official Clinton Administration policy and a blue print for future American and international environmental plans to change how we will live and work in its vision of an environmentally correct world. The report represents a totalitarian nightmare – right out of the pages of George Orwell’s 1984.

The report calls for “remapping modern society’s new Third Millennium reality,” using what is calls “community sustainability.” These are code words used by today’s radical environmentalist movement, meaning all human activity is damaging to the earth and must therefore be changed or stopped.

This remapping, according to the HUD report, would include the down-sizing of cities and towns into new “urban clusters” where “workplaces, housing and nature are blended together.”

Residents of these urban clusters must then take part in “collective public visioning” and they will “be held accountable for achieving a rapid transition to “community sustainability.” All citizens will be trained to think of “ecology or the diverse system of earth’s biosphere, as the basis ” for every human activity.

In other words, “propaganda” and “behavior modification” methods will be employed to assure that citizens achieve the proper attitudes to transfer the United States of America into a basically agrarian society.

Have you ever seen pictures of rural Chinese hamlets where the villagers are out working in the community fields, using hand plows and hand-woven baskets? Then perhaps you can envision the American community of the future, according to this official document of the Clinton Administration.

And Bob Dole can’t find a single issue to light a fire and burn Bill Clinton! Astonishing. He doesn’t even mention environmental issues except to say – me too.

But the nightmare gets even worse. According to this official document of the Clinton Administration, these new, environmentally-correct human habitat areas will contain daycare centers, consumer collectives (the company store?) work-share plans, co-ops and “tool libraries.”

In other words, agriculture will be performed on specific land, controlled by the government – with tools lent out for the task. Private ownership of such dangerous utensils will be prohibited.

Goods and services will only be purchased in old-west style general stores, probably with one choice of brands and styles under government control. Children will be well cared for in government-run day care centers.

For agriculture, “toxic chemical fertilizers” (anything produced by man to improve production and eliminate pests) will be eliminated and “remineralization” of the soil will depend on “indigenous wastes, ash, compost and ground-up concrete and asphalt.” Where will they get it? How about those roads we won’t need after cars are banned?

Producing livestock for human consumption will be drastically reduced and, instead, pasture land will be used for growing grains – that humans will eat. Foods and medicines that cause “environmental side-effects” will be banned.

Homes and communities, set up in specific human habitat areas will be crowded, multi-family, low-rise residential developments made of “indigenous materials.” These communities will encourage “pedestrian-oriented travel” with bike paths and “healthier” walking and running paths instead of cars. Public transportation will be basically light-rail trains.

Remember how America was originally established? Locally elected governments, such as mayors, town councils and county commissioners, were in charge of maintaining roads, providing police and fire protection and community development.

Well, not anymore, according to HUD. Our new government will be assigned by the federal government through the establishment of “Local Urban Environmental Design Administrators.

These government-appointed, non-elected dictators will control the development of human habitat and make sure that it fits the proper environmental designs and landscape planning to assure community sustainability.

It is vital that each and every one of you fully understand the implications of this plan. Let me be very clear.


“Sustainability” — sustainable communities, sustainable development, sustainable agriculture — these are not simply a comprehensive approach to environmental protection.

The recurring theme throughout official sustainability literature and documents is the integration of “economic, equity and environmental” policies.

That grandiose language is translated by specific policy recommendations which use the environment as an excuse to manage the economy to achieve social “equity.” Throughout the literature, terms such as “harness market forces” describe proposals to impose consumption taxes on products that “management” deems to be unsustainable.

Air conditioning, convenience foods, single family housing and cars are among the products already determined to be unsustainable.

“Equity” means forcing those who produce an income to provide for those who do not.

“Environmental protection” means constraining individual freedom to accommodate “management” to prevent the impending impoverishment of the planet.


Under the sustainability plan, “management” is not the government. The government is simply the instrument for enforcing the dictates of management. Management is actually Non-Government Organizations – NGO’s – headed by the big three – the International Union for the Conservation of Nature; the World Wildlife Fund; and the World Resources Institute.

These NGO’s have set the ideological agenda. They have created a world-wide network of affiliated NGO’s like the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society, the Nature Conservancy and Earth First!. These NGO’s are well-positioned and adequately funded to implement the agenda. And through all of these UN created international treaties, they are acquiring the legal status to manage national, state and local governments, as well as the lives of individual citizens.

Sustainability councils, dominated by NGO’s and public officials paid to implement the sustainability policy, are being formed in every community. These councils coordinate their activity with regional councils also dominated by NGO’s. Ultimately, each “bioregion” (not city or state) is to have a bioregional council to coordinate, or manage, the activities within that bioregion.

The function of governments within the bioregion will be simply to enforce the dictates of the council. Ultimate enforcement is to come from the United Nations.

Official documents now published by the UN call for the creation of a Petitions Council and an Assembly of the People, both selected from representatives of accredited NGO’s. The function of the Assembly of the People is to review resolutions of the General Assembly.

The function of the Petitions Council is to review compliance petitions from bioregional councils and direct the petitions to the appropriate agency with in the UN for enforcement.

All of the environment – including private property – is to be placed under “trusteeship” of the UN Trustee Council, consisting of no more than 23 individuals selected from accredited NGO’s.

The existing World Trade Council as well as the proposed Economic Security Council have unlimited authority to impose a wide range of sanctions – including military action by a standing UN army – against any nation deemed to be not in compliance with any treaty or UN dictate.

The Law of the Seas Treaty has already created the International Seabed Authority which has legal jurisdiction over all non-territorial waters. Anyone wishing to salvage a shipwreck or harvest ocean resources must obtain a permit and pay annual royalties. Application fees may be a quarter of a million dollars or more.

The United States has not ratified the treaty, but Secretary of State Warren Christopher told a Stanford University audience on April 9th that ratification of the Law of the Seas Treaty and the biodiversity Treaty would be top priority items on the Clinton/Gore agenda for 1997.

The plan for a world-wide, managed society is clearly in place, published extensively in the literature of the United Nations. The plan is so massive, so complex, so bizarre, that it is difficult to comprehend in its totality. The public has seen only small segments of the plan at any one time.

But this is the plan that was the basis for the UN’s Habitat II conference and it is now being rapidly moved into implementation around the world. Chattanooga, Tennessee is the number one model city for the plan. Residents there are already undergoing neighborhood revisioning programs.



And around the rest of the nation, the Clinton Administration isn’t waiting for International treaties or Congressional action to begin putting the plan into place.

Clinton has already signed Executive Order #12898 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development.

The core of the Council’s plan for implementing “sustainable development” as outlined in its just released report? You guessed it – the Wildlands Project.

And it’s not only Democrats who are promoting the “Wildlands” vision. Republicans in the 104th Congress are the chief sponsors of legislation to create “Heritage Corridors.” This scheme would block off huge areas of American land from human activity. One such proposed Corridor would include the entire Mississippi River.

House Speaker Newt Gingrich has stopped all efforts to rewrite or reform the Endangered Species Act (ESA) or the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts so they would protect private property rights.

Other attacks on private property include Rails to Trails pathways that cut across private property and serve as future boundaries to expand non-human access areas.

California and New Jersey have offered up radical auto emissions regulations that, if enforced, would eliminate any cars over four years old.

These new laws, pushed by the EPA will revoke your registration, surrender the license plates, and deny the owner the use of the car – and they won’t even be allowed to store these “outlaw” cars on their own driveway. The government estimates that New Jersey alone will eliminate over one million cars from the roads.

Is this about clean air or about the elimination of cars as called for in the Wildlands Project?

Without question, the idea to turn 50% of America into wilderness, reduce cities to “urban clusters, turn back technology and reduce the population to make the whole idea work, is no longer just the ravings of green lunatics like Dave Foreman or the Unabomber.



But, in spite of the incredible progress the social planners have made in implementing their plan, there’s still a long way to go to change the United States of America into the image of Chinese agrarian villages. Most Americans would give up their guns before their cars. Working in the collective village fields to raise the daily supply of food for their families is just not how Americans do things.

We are a nation of very specific attitudes, values and beliefs. We believe in our right to move from town to town freely in our own mode of transportation.

We value our families and religious beliefs, freedom of speech and freedom to choose our own career paths and to speak our minds.

We are a free society, the greatest industrial and technologically advanced nation on earth. Americans can accomplish anything we set our minds to. We’ve been proving it for two hundred years.

If anyone were to openly propose legislation to implement these programs they would be ridden out of town on a rail. If the government openly stated that its true purpose for enforcing environmental regulations was to rewild 50% of the nation and herd us into specific human habitat areas, Americans would rise up in revolt.

So how do the anti-technology, anti-private property, green crowd sell such a stupid, unworkable agenda to the free people of United States of America? Simple.

They steal a generation of children and prepare them to be “proper inhabitants” in such a controlled society by changing their attitudes, values and beliefs to fit the green mold. The tool of choice is Outcome-based Education (OBE).

For more than two decades the nation has been involved in “education reform” that is really nothing more than “education restructuring” with the results now becoming obvious as our children have steadily become illiterate, unable to read, add and subtract or reason. These are the results of the process called Outcome-based education.

OBE is not and educational system or a new teaching method. It is a behavior modification process designed and implemented by psychologists. OBE evaluates each child’s attitudes, values and beliefs and sets out to eliminate and replace them with a set more to the liking of the education establishment.

That is, of course the same education establishment led by the National Education Association (NEA) and the Department of Education. These institutions are packed with left-winged zealots that promote the same green agenda as promoted by Dave Foreman and the Sierra Club.

OBE is an anti-intellectual, highly politicized, psychological process designed to create a society that is accepting of, and susceptible to, manipulation and control. It has no other purpose and that is why it is veiled in secrecy and doublespeak.

How many of you have noticed your child changing once they begin school? Do they remain the happy-go-lucky youngsters that first entered the school house? Or do they become sullen and frustrated? Have you been told you’re not allowed to help with homework? Has your child come home with questionnaires asking for personal family information?

Have your children started to scold you for not recycling? Has your child (usually at about the third grade level) suddenly announced that they are vegetarians? Have you noticed environmental questions or statements popping up in math tests or language and history text books?

This is OBE at work, probing and changing your child. OBE is being used to strip search your child for attitudes, values and beliefs that you have instilled. If you taught them to believe in God, or respect their grandparents or love their nation, that must be changed. If you’ve taught them that they are free, unique individuals who should stand up for their beliefs, then the system considers them to be at risk, in urgent need of help.



How does OBE destroy an intelligent mind and turn it into one that mindlessly follows a predetermined course? One step at a time. Here’s the process taking place in almost every public school in the nation to insure every student emerges with the proper environmental attitudes:

First, your child is fed a steady stream of pictures and stories of environmental destruction supposedly caused by man. These can come from movies, television, video games, books, classroom discussion, computer simulation or class projects.

Your little boy or girl will see visions of baby seals being beaten and skinned alive (film that has been faked, by the way), forests being mowed down by bull dozers, and sludge filled rivers.

Your child will be encouraged (and it may become a requirement for graduation) to join environmental groups to work along side these radicals as they “fight man’s destruction of the environment.” These projects will help your child fulfill their “good citizen” requirements for graduation.

Your child will be given textbooks and class curriculum that speak of earth only as a fragile victim of man’s development. He will be taught that the earth is his “mother” from which all good derives. All aspects of the curriculum, including math and literature, reinforce the message. Representatives of groups like the Sierra Club and People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) are brought into the classroom for days on end to talk to the children and indoctrinate them.

No opposing opinions are permitted. Science classes continue to deliver the horror stories of Global Warming, even after scientists have begun to strongly question the validity of such theories. To permit the intrusion of opposing views or doubts would interfere with the indoctrination process.

After all, the whole purpose of the education exercise is to attack and change the child’s attitudes, values and beliefs.

To assure that the process is working, the children are constantly given evaluation tests – not to determine what they’ve learned academically, but to make sure they are developing the proper attitudes.

If a child shows resistance or isn’t progressing fast enough, special courses or even “personalized” computer programs are developed. He is tested again and again until he begins to give all of the proper answers.

After twelve years your child will certainly have all of the proper environmental attitudes, unable to think or reason for himself, ready to accept and support whatever message the government hands down. In other words, your child has become the perfect anti-property, anti-technology, anti-industry, unquestioning, simple-minded idiot. The OBE system is not education, it’s mind control from womb to tomb.

The indoctrination process is taking its toll. Children have been known to break out into tears when meat is served for dinner because they’ve been assaulted by PeTA in the classroom – told not to eat their friends, the animal.

One six year old girl refused to sleep in a beautiful, old four poster bed inherited from her grandmother. When asked why, sobbing, she told her mother, because they had to kill trees to make it.

Another young boy compared lumber jacks to rapists and murderers.

These are your children being prepared to live and function in the “sustainable” society outlined in the HUD report.

With all of this indoctrination – is there time to learn to read and write? No.


In Oregon, high school seniors are now called CAM II. Here students no longer receive diplomas that indicate academic achievement. Instead they are issued the Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM). To receive such a document does not imply academic achievement. It simply means that a student has met the proper standards for attitudes, values and beliefs as set down by the education establishment.

One such student received his Certificate of Initial Mastery showing that he had met the standards for: Involved Citizen, Quality Producer, Self-Directed Learner, Constructive Thinker, Effective Communicator and Collaborative Contributor.

The Certificate explains that the student can now “Quantify, Apply Math/Science, Understand Diversity, Deliberate on Public Issues, Interpret Human Experience and Understand Positive Health Habits.”

What the student cannot do is diagram a sentence, conjugate a verb or spell. English is not taught at his school – nor was he taught Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Civics or Biology.

Let the student did spend an entire year in a “World of Work” class, based on specifications from the Department of Labor and the School-to-Work program. He can now write a resume’, read a phone bill and speak publicly. He even learned how to receive merchandise on a loading dock. He learned to work well with groups for a grade (no individual achievement is recognized).

Classroom time was taken up studying issues like “Death, Dying and Suicide,” going to the mortuary to see how dead bodies are processed, role playing about when to have sex and about what proper protection to use.

The real purpose of all of these exercises is to break down parental authority and societal structures and make the children’s minds pliable for restructuring. An assault on attitudes, values and beliefs. This is OBE at work.


The elimination of America’s natural competitive nature is key to the plans of the social planners. That’s why they are busy eliminating any competition in school programs, be it classroom grades or basketball.

We’re told that a child’s self-esteem is damaged if he is forced to compete and lose. So they eliminate losers. In many schools – all children now make the cheerleading squad, even if they have no athletic ability. All children make the band – whether they can play an instrument or not.

But perhaps the most bizarre example of the destruction of competition in schools has been developed in Cecil County, Maryland. Here school basketball is being played by very different rules.

If one team is 10 points ahead, additional baskets scored by the winning team won’t count until the underdog team catches up. No record is kept of who scores so no one can stand out as the star of the team.

So there you have today’s modern high school athletic event. A band plays sour notes in a none victory celebration as cheerleaders with no ability, have nothing to cheer about – as a boring, pointless game which has no winners and no losers – drags out on the floor. Hours later the agony ends. What’s the point? This is OBE behavior modification at work.

The really horrible part is that kids know when they have no ability to undertake something. Even without the use of scores or grades or standards, they know whether they performed well. They know the whole process is a scam.

That knowledge does nothing to fake them into a false “self-esteem.” Such is the true tragedy of education restructuring. Remember that fact the next time your child breaks into an unprovoked rage or commits a senseless act of violence or threatens suicide. That too, is OBE at work.

So you see, OBE has nothing to do with academics. And it’s not just a simple program or “teaching” method. If your school accepts public money, particularly from the federal level, then your school uses OBE behavior modification methods. It’s everywhere in the curriculum. It’s in the text books, in class projects, class discussions, even in extra-curricular activities.

Outcome-based Education is like carbon monoxide. You can’t see it, you can’t smell it, but it’s a deadly killer of minds.

Why would the education establishment seek to create such students? The answer is simple. They advocate a political agenda that promotes the imposition of a radical environmental vision – the vision of Dave Foreman and his Wildlands Project.

The social planners aren’t lying to you – your children really are being prepared for the future. But it’s a future in a global village of misery and sacrifice.


A major installment necessary to bring Foreman’s vision of restructuring American culture to reality must be the ability to control the market place and the workers – to assure that business and its employees have the proper outlook and attitudes for scaling back the size of business, eliminating reliance on technology, competition and endless choices of products.

One solution was to come through two pieces of legislation. These bills, H.R.1617 and S.143 known collectively as the “CAREERS” Act, were to set up the mechanism needed to control the market place, the workforce and the necessary school curriculum.

By granting the federal government the power to control job placement through the issuance of “skills certificates” instead of diplomas, the CAREERS Act would assure that only workers with the proper attitudes (environmental) would be employed.

The Workforce Development Boards, established under Sections 106 and 107 of the CAREERS Act, would allow the government to dictate curriculum to assure that future workers are properly prepared with the necessary skills needed in the environmentally correct businesses operating out of the “urban clusters” as described in the HUD blueprint.

Finally, its life-long-learning provisions would force students to return to school throughout their lives to refresh their indoctrination.

Clearly, the CAREERS Act is a major plank in the plans of radical greens, both in the Clinton Administration and the United Nations, who are moving steadily to implement Dave Foreman’s vision. In fact, the report by the President’s Council on Sustainable Development specifically discusses the need for life-long-learning and school to work programs, the CAREERS Act.



So how does the radical green movement turn the world’s greatest industrial giant into an agrarian global village – one step at a time. And time is growing short.

It has been a frustrating, if not frightening, few decades for those of us who seek to save the republic created for us by the great minds of our founding fathers.

We have watched as government control has crept into all aspects of our daily lives.

We’ve watched as our public schools have ceased to be little more than psychologist-driven propaganda cess-pools.

We’ve watched as industry has been destroyed and vital products like freon have been banned through the use of bogus science and false propaganda.

And today, after experiencing the great hope that all would begin to be turned around with the Republican majority in Congress, we have found ourselves engaged in many of the same battles to stop Republican proposals that would continue to accelerate the process.

And now we are overwhelmed by the seemingly unstoppable UN-led environmental agenda as it uses international treaties to supersede local and state laws.

All Americans have been subjected to the constant barrage of environmental propaganda. And many are falling for these chicken little scare tactics. As a result, slowly but surely America’s very way of life is changing.

Step by step, Americans really are being herded into specific human habitat areas as vast areas of wilderness become off-limits to any human activity. But it happens so slowly that the average American hardly even notices. And Dave Forman’s demented vision becomes reality.

The excuses are now so ingrained in our national vocabulary that most Americans rarely even raise questions when the storm troopers come for their next victims.

Because these storm troopers don’t wear hobnailed boots and carry assault rifles. Instead, they come in business suits, armed with some new study for a game preserve or a bike path or a park. But the results are just as brutal as if armed tanks had rolled in. Developers and property owners are being blackmailed into giving up their land for the “common environmental good.”

Never mind that 100 families will have to move out of the area as their property is taken by the state.

Never mind that in another town, yet another study turns thumbs down on a new plant that would have provided jobs and saved the community. There’s always an “environ-mental” reason to not allow progress. Did anyone notice that the area is now abandoned by the discouraged and jobless workers? Oh well, what a great place for a park.

As so it goes. Step by step, home by home, town by town, America is being thrown into a new “Dark Ages” of an environmentalist-created holocaust, ruled by an “ecologarchy” that loathes development, industry, technology and human existence. Mother Earth is their God, the United Nations controls their new order, and population control is their mantra.

More than a conspiracy, its a massive, highly organized, highly funded. powerful movement that’s found a way to use our language to speak openly while hiding the truth. A movement that’s found a way to frighten us into voluntarily giving up our rights, our homes and our way of life – for a lie.


Can we stop them? It’s easy to be pessimistic about our future. Our foe is mammoth. But it is not unstoppable.

Would we so easily surrender the greatest nation ever formed? Would we leave the field to those who advocate a philosophy of death? Would we, the producers who created the world’s highest standard of living, surrender to the demented visions of unwashed vermin like Dave Forman who seek to destroy it? No thought is more vile of sickening to me.

The good news is that there are signs the American people are beginning to get the message. In fact, in spite of all of the doom and gloom I’ve given you, there really is some good reason for hope and optimism.

First of all – it may sound strange to say, but with each victory of Foreman and his pals in the White House, with each rancher that is shut down, with each saw mill that’s closed – more victims of radical environmental policy are created.

Those new victims have a way of finding their way to our camp and swelling our ranks.

And with every new mother who suddenly discovers what these monsters are doing to their children through OBE and school restructuring – a fierce new warrior is born.

Every year, thousands more children are leaving public schools and either entering private schools or are being home schooled. They are our future.

There are those in Congress who are beginning to hear our plea. Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth of Idaho refused to give into pressure from Speaker Gingrich to get off the property rights issue. And it looks like she may well be reelected – in spite of a massive effort by the greens to defeat her.

Congressman Joe Scarborough introduced a bill (HR 2535) calling for the US to completely withdraw from the United Nations and remove it from our shores. There has been much controversy and support for this bill across the nation. This one act could serve to bring down the social planner’s whole house of cards.

And there is no greater urgency than to get the United States out of the United Nations. We should put out every effort possible to see that such legislation is passed. It is possible.

Finally, we have just won two major victories at the end of the 104th Congress.

First, Congressman Don Young of Alaska introduced the “American Sovereignty Protection Act.” That bill was specifically designed to protect America from these UN Treaties. And though, because of political wrangling, it didn’t officially pass the Congress – the bill received an astounding 245 votes for it and 178 votes against.

This is a major victory for our cause because it draws a line in the sand – it sets the battle lines for the 105th Congress. It tells the greens we’re on to their schemes and we’re ready to fight back.

And just two days ago, Congressman Young told me he is definitely ready to re-introduce that bill in the 105th Congress. We can pass it.

Second and perhaps more importantly, “back-to-basics” education activists waged a gallant battle and succeeded in stopping the CAREERS Act. Because we threw down the gauntlet and never gave up the fight – CAREERS did not pass – even after sailing through both houses of Congress last year.

First our efforts bogged it down in Conference committee for ten months and then we threw everything we had into the fray to keep it from even being brought to the floor for a vote before the 104th Congress adjourned. Its supporters, led by Ted Kennedy, tried every maneuver and backroom deal possible to get that floor vote. But their every twist and turn only resulted in more phone calls, faxes and letters from our troops. I’m so proud of everyone who joined this effort.

This is a victory of unprecedented proportions. It’s the first time we’ve ever stopped a major piece of the “plan.” The CAREERS Act is vital to that plan and we stopped it.

Now, after the battle waged over the CAREERS Act, we’re a lot smarter and more aware of the true nature of the enemy. Now, better organized, we’re ready to begin from the very start of the 105th Congress to force the repeal of the School-to-Work Act and Goals 2000.


We have reason to be optimistic. But it’s only a tiny beginning. We must not let up for a minute. These social planners never stop trying.

We must be ready to fight and refuse compromise -no matter who is introducing or backing legislation that we believe is bad for our nation and our families – be they Democrat -Republican -or even short guys with big ears.

Unless Americans re-learn very quickly that it was the right of the individual to own and control property – that it is the individual’s exercise of freedom of choice – that made the United States the only moral nation on Earth, then the last one out won’t have to turn out the lights. Those will have been already extinguished along with the world’s last beacon of freedom and hope.

As Ronald Reagan said, “we can slip into the dust bin of history along with the great civilizations of the past. Or we can be, as our destiny calls us to be, a shining city on a hill.”

This is still the greatest nation on earth. We are still a long way from losing it. But the forces of freedom must hurry. We must organize and unite for our greatest battles.

You are all freedom fighters. That’s why you’re here. Incredibly, the message I’ve given you today is under the surface, not even discussed at our highest levels. Yet, these policies march forward, unchecked.

It’s up to each and every one of you to learn, understand and sound the alarm. As Winston Churchill warned, we must face facts – or they will stab us in the back.

Thugs like Dave Foreman, the Sierra Club, the Education Establishment and those temporary occupants of the White House cannot steal our property, our children or our dreams if we arm ourselves with the knowledge of what Sustainable Development and the Green agenda really is.

Together, if we stay vigilant, if we get out the truth – we can, and we will Take America Back. $

Special thanks to Henry Lamb, Environmental Conservation Organization, Hollow Rock, TN, 38342

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.