UN Debate to Heat Up! Presidential Candidates Asked to Declare Position on UN Charter for Global Democracy

Led by the American Policy Center, a coalition of think tanks calling themselves Freedom2l, have joined together to ask the presidential candidates to state their positions with regard to the role of the United Nations and its impact on national sovereignty.

“The single greatest threat to the future of the nation is the challenge the United Nations poses to our sovereignty,” says Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center, Herndon, Virginia. “Its assertion of jurisdiction over the internal affairs of this nation and others, will determine if America will be a sovereign world superpower or a member of a New World Order subject to the United Nations.”

On January 20th, Sen. Jesse Helms, Chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, addressed the UN Security Council to warn that the US would not permit the loss of its sovereignty. “The views of the candidates regarding the UN are of critical importance,” said DeWeese.

In a letter sent to the candidates, the coalition posed a number of questions. Among them are:

Do you believe American corporations and financial institutions should be regulated by the United Nations?

Should the UN be permitted to individually tax Americans?

Should the UN be permitted to regulate the use of outer space and the US space program?

Do you support the establishment of a UN army and UN control over US armed forces?

Should the US be required to comply with all UN “Human Rights” treaties and declarations whether they have been ratified by the US Senate or not?

Do you believe the US should be held accountable to an International Environmental Court?

Do you agree with the idea of an International Criminal Court whose rulings and jurisdiction could supercede the US judicial system and the rights granted US citizens by our Constitution?

Should US foreign policies be determined and dictated by the UN?

Do you believe the UN should be permitted to place restrictions on US energy use and set standards for such use by American businesses and industry?

“By answering ‘no’ to these questions,” said DeWeese, “the candidate will be taking a position opposing the recently announced United Nations ‘Charter for Global Democracy’ because each of these issues has been taken directly from the first twelve points proposed in the document.” The Charter is the next step in the UN’s announced intention to become the ultimate global government with powers that supercede individual nations.

“The Charter,” said DeWeese, “is a blueprint for the abolition of the US Constitution’s primary role in the administration of justice, the protection of personal liberties, and the nation’s form of government. It is essential that Americans know where the candidates stand with regard to this vital issue.”

Among the think tanks joining the American Policy Center are Sovereignty International, Environmental Conservation Organization, and Environmental Perspectives, Inc.

To learn more about the UN Charter for Global Democracy Go to www.anxietycenter.com/feature-9.htm.

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Tom DeWeese
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Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.