The Attack of the Alien Outlaws

September 17, 2003

By Tom DeWeese

The instant they plant their foot on American soil they have broken the law. They are illegal aliens and, from that moment, they become a plague on every American’s quality of life.

They crowd our schools and don’t pay for the privilege. They fill our hospitals, forcing many into bankruptcy.

They help to infest our nation with dangerous drugs, destroying our children while the crime rate soars.

Thousands sneak across the border in dilapidated trucks, endangering law-abiding Americans on our highways.

They flood our welfare rolls, costing American taxpayers as much as $30 billion dollars per year.

As the plague accelerates, few of our elected leaders care to even mention the problem of illegal aliens from Mexico.

When you or I break the law in America, we face the possibility of fines, perhaps jail time or at least of getting our cars towed. Nations make laws because they are supposed to be obeyed. Laws give our society structure and direction. Without them we would sink into anarchy, with everyone grabbing for themselves. No lives and no property could be secure.

Those who ignore the laws are called “outlaws.” A nation that begins to ignore enforcement of its laws soon loses control to its outlaws.

Alien outlaws now run freely into the United States from Mexico. Not only does American law enforcement do little to stop it, politicians are busy dishing up goody bags to encourage even more to step across our border.

Hospital care is free – to them. Paid for by American taxpayers. Have a baby on this side of the border and the whole family can run across and get a home complete with welfare payments and food stamps to keep the whole lot. Research shows that illegal aliens are 67 percent more likely to use major welfare programs than U.S.-born families.

In the four states that border Mexico, hospitals provide at least $200 million per year in uncompensated emergency care leaving them in dire financial crisis. American citizens who built the highest standard of living in the world through a free economy and hard work now find it difficult to get medical care in their own town. The emergency wards are full of illegals taking up space and doctors’ time.

Schools in the border states are reaching the breaking point as overcrowding is forcing local communities to raise taxes to pay for the construction of new buildings that simply would not be needed if the borders were controlled. Schools can’t ask if the children are here legally. They must simply accept them. Schools can’t insist that they speak English. Federal curriculum dictates that they be taught in their native language, forcing schools to provide special teachers and classroom space. Taxpayers are paying a huge price for people who are in this country illegally.

In Virginia, as well as other parts of the nation, states are being sued by illegals if they are denied admission into state colleges because they are here illegally. Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore last year issued an opinion to Virginia colleges that they should deny admission to illegal immigrants and suggested that admissions officers report potentially illegal applicants to federal authorities. Now Hispanic illegals have filed suit against seven Virginia colleges, claiming the schools’ presidents are following “ill-conceived” legal advice from the Attorney General.

What right do these people have in our nation’s colleges? How do people who aren’t supposed to be in this nation get legal access to our tax-paid courts? Why aren’t they arrested and deported when they show up at the courthouse to file the suit? Oh, that’s right, our politicians want their votes.

Those readers who are of the “baby-boomer” generation (I am one) may remember that since the beginning of our working careers we have been told that the Social Security system would be bankrupt by the time we reached retirement age. The baby-boomers represent a huge segment of our population and with so many reaching retirement at the same time the money paid in by the still-working younger generations will not be enough to pay baby-boomer benefits. Politicians have been attempting to place band-aids and quick fixes on the system to prevent the coming disaster.

Now, just as the baby-boomers are getting ready to retire, politicians desperate for Hispanic votes have proposed that outlaw aliens be given Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration has begun discussions with Mexico to organize such a program. The plan would provide benefits to five million Mexicans who work illegally in the United States. They would get these benefits after they have already provided fake Social Security numbers to their bosses, which is a federal offense. The plan could mean that up to $345 billion could be robbed from the Social Security Trust Fund over the next 20 years. And that’s just the beginning of the costs involved.

Another scheme now under discussion to help government officials hide from the growing outlaw alien crisis is called “guest-workers.” Rep. Jim Kolbe and fellow Arizona Republican, Senator John McCain have introduced a guest-worker bill. The bill would provide two categories of visa; one for foreigners who want to enter the United States to work and the other for outlaw aliens already holding jobs here. Somehow, Kolbe and McCain believe that simply changing the name from “illegal” to “guest” will solve the problem.

Meanwhile, outlaw aliens who are working in this country with full benefits, compliments of U.S. taxpayers, feel absolutely no allegiance to the United States. As the Mexican government encourages its own people to run across the border to get American money, it also encourages them to “think Mexican” first and send as much money home as possible. This year Mexicans in America will send home at least $13 billion, thus aiding the Mexican economy while draining the American taxpayer. Where do politicians see a benefit here? Oh, yeah, votes.

The Mexican government is staging an all-out raid on the laws and sovereignty of the United States. Mexican President Vicente Fox sees this nation’s economy as his own to redistribute and cure his own nation’s economic woes.

He demands that the United States declare a complete amnesty for all illegals, thus allowing them full U.S. citizenship. To force the issue, Fox’s government has begun issuing ID cards to illegals in the United States called the “matricula consular.” It looks like a California driver’s license and costs the holder $29. It gives the impression of an official guarantee that the holder is who it says he is and that the address listed is correct. There is no truth to that. Yet, now 13 states are accepting the matricula consular for the purpose of issuing a driver’s license to outlaw aliens. Once a legitimate U.S driver’s license is in hand, the outlaws have the entire American system opened to them. Now, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and 74 other banks accept the card in order to open bank accounts. At least 800 police departments in cities across the nation accept the card as valid ID.

The Mexican government intends to flood the nation with the cards, thus creating an unstoppable situation, forcing the Congress to grant the amnesty to cure a hopeless situation. So successful has the matricula consular been for Mexican outlaws that Guatemala, Poland, Haiti and Nicaragua plan to issue similar cards to their citizens now illegally in the United States. Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy have already prepared the legislation to oblige the Fox government. S. 2444 would allow the president to grant amnesties to millions of outlaw aliens via trade agreements or executive order.

In pushing his “guest-worker” scheme, Representative Jim Kolbe stated: “We’ve tried clamping down on the border, just as we have with drugs, with no success there.” That statement is not correct. The fact is we have not even attempted to clamp down on the borders to keep alien outlaws out of this country.

Even the Patriot Act, the oppressive new law designed to make America safe from terrorism, failed to even mention tightening the Mexican border, though it goes to great lengths to discuss security measures along the Canadian border. Further, the Patriot Act panders to the Fox administration by making it clear that the new security measures don’t discourage bank acceptance of the matricula consular card, even though it is completely worthless in documenting details about the card holder.

The fact is the border between the United States and Mexico is an open sieve, though deceptive efforts have been made by our own government to make us think security measures have been tightened. Today, Americans attempting to cross from Mexico back into the United States through legal check points will find themselves delayed for up to two hours as their bags are tightly checked and papers are closely examined. The show of force leaves Americans with the impression that the government is really doing the job.

However, take a drive a few miles down the border and you’ll find a completely different situation. No security patrol stops alien outlaws from simply walking across the border into the United States. No delays. No papers checked. No one is there.

Daily, thousands of alien outlaws race across the border, bringing drugs, crime and poverty to our nation. Vast national parks and wilderness are becoming hideouts and havens for the outlaws. Taxes in cities are skyrocketing as America’s standard of living begins to fall. Some areas of the nation, especially along the border, now resemble a third world battlefield; a breeding ground for crime and terrorists. Americans seem helpless, on the brink of losing control of our own nation as politicians pander to the wishes of foreign governments and the whims of outlaws who don’t belong here.

Why is the United States the only nation on earth that is not allowed to determine who lives here? When will our own elected officials begin to take the right action instead of throwing up their hands, saying illegal immigration is just part of our reality?

Finally, action is being taken. Congressman Charlie Norwood, Georgia Republican has introduced the “Clear Law Enforcement for Alien Removal Act of 2003 (CLEAR). The act addresses the growing US criminal-alien crisis by allowing more than 600,000 state and local law enforcement officials in the field to enforce immigration laws during the course of carrying out their regular duties. It may seem self-evident that police could arrest illegal aliens when they come across them, but current law doesn’t allow it anymore than schools are allowed to ask if students are illegal.

Discussing the need for the bill, Norwood said, “An immigration system that can’t account for 400,000 illegal aliens awaiting deportation, puts 80,000 criminals back out on our streets and tries to carry out its job with just 2,000 employees (Immigration Service) to enforce the law is reflective of a system that is badly broken and desperately in need of help.”

More bills are needed to remove the incentives that bring them here, eliminating free education and healthcare, welfare and food stamp hand outs, and jobs to which they are not entitled. “Illegal” means outside of the law and that means outside of the legal programs protected by the law. Americans need to rally behind Norwood’s CLEAR Act and demand more like it until every outlaw alien is thrown out of the nation or sits behind bars.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is President of the American Policy Center and National Grassroots Coordinator for CFACT (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow) working to help local activists organize into Freedom Pods ( He is also the author of three books, including Now Tell Me I Was Wrong, ERASE, and Sustainable: the WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property, and Individuals.