Stop Invasive Species Nightmare!

June 18, 2005

Action Alert!

The next two weeks are crucial. We MUST put the heat on Congress NOW to remove all so-called “Invasive Species” language from the transportation bill.

Both the House and the Senate are currently conferencing to work out the differences between each of their versions of the transportation bill. The House version contains NO Invasive Species language. That’s good! HOWEVER, the Senate version contains a DISASTROUS provision that would initiate the process of documenting, listing, and regulating so-called Invasive Species. This is what we HAVE TO STOP!

The disastrous provision in the Senate version of the transportation bill is Section 166. It calls for the documentation and regulation of “non-native” and invasive species. Invasive Species regulation is the Endangered Species Act on steroids. It is a property rights nightmare and it must be stopped.

We have little time! Act NOW!

* Action to Take *

1. Call Sen. James Inhofe and tell him that section 166 of the Senate transportation bill MUST BE REMOVED! Senator Inhofe is chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee and holds sway over this issue. He needs to hear from you! Call him at (202) 224-6176. Or send him a fax at (202) 225-5167. You can also send Sen. Inhofe an email by going to:

2. Call Rep. Don Young and tell him to MAKE CERTAIN that section 166 of the Senate version of the transportation bill is stripped out! Rep. Young is Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Call him at (202) 225-9446. Or fax him at (202) 225-6782. You may email Rep. Young by going to:

3. Call both of your Senators and tell them that section 166 of the Senate transportation bill MUST GO! Senate switchboard: (202) 224-3121. Simply ask for your Senators by name.

4. Call your Representative and tell him or her to do everything in their power to have section 166 of the Senate version of the transportation bill removed. House switchboard: (202) 225-3121. Just ask for your Representative by name.

Section 166 of the Highway bill is titled, “Control of invasive plant species and establishment of native species.” This section gives the federal government control over which plant species can be planted along highways. Make no mistake. This is the camel’s nose under the tent. A MAJOR new radical environmental land-use/land grab agenda will become LAW. Section 166 MUST BE TAKEN OUT OF THE SENATE HIGHWAY BILL!

Imagine the Endangered Species Act on steroids. Now multiply its devastating effect on property rights one-hundred fold. That should give you a pretty good idea of what Invasive Species legislation will mean for property owners in every state, county, and city in this nation.

Invasive Species is the radical greens’ key to controlling every square inch of land in the United States. And the Senate Highway bill is the just the beginning.

This nightmare all began when Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 13112 in 1999, creating an “Invasive Species Council” to monitor and control “alien species.” What are alien species? According to Clinton’s Order: “Alien species means, with respect to a particular ecosystem, any species, including seeds, eggs, spores, or other biological material capable of propagating that species, that is not native to that ecosystem.”

Most agricultural crops and animal species clearly fall within the definition of “alien.” Domesticated pets, many houseplants, and Kentucky bluegrass used in most lawns and golf courses are already defined as alien species. Indeed, this is all the greens and their allies in the federal government need to control all land in the U.S.


Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.