Major Changes Coming to

December 9, 2005

By Tom DeWeese

There is some exciting news concerning the Internet site.

First, let me tell you in all honesty, I have never been happy with the quality of the site. That’s why, for the second time, I have decided to rip it up and rebuild. That work has been going on over the past month. Now, by early next week, you will be able to see a brand new site.

You will find that is now much faster and easier to use. And it has many new features. Of course we still have the Action Alerts and the Commentaries sections. The News page has been expanded. More breaking news. I still have the CNS ticker for up to the minute developments. I have also added four new elements to the News page. You can now link into the blog of libertarian writer Lew Rockwell. I have also added another blog site called “Watchblog.” Here you will find three specific blogs, one directed to Republicans, one to Independents and one to Democrats. Also, I have added a link to the Matt Drudge news site. Political junkies who want all the inside details will enjoy another link to “Political Wire.” Finally, I have included a column written by me entitled “Absolutes.” This article will come from the archives of my newsletter, The DeWeese Report.

The News Editor for is Kathleen Marquardt. Kathleen is the best selling author of “Animal Scam, the Beastly Abuse of Human Rights.” Kathleen was the founder of Putting People First, the first organization to counter the radical People for the ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA). If you have news items for the Breaking News section, please e-mail them to Kathleen at [email protected]. Become a news stringer by sending her regular news items, news releases and action alerts.

In the new site the message board will be eliminated. I think you’ll agree that the message board has been a mess. My first clue was that few members are using it. I’m sure that’s because it is hard to post messages. Worse, I added the Bulletin Board to further confuse people. Now, I have combined the two into one place where members can leave messages, respond to others, and, above all, post important meetings, conferences and events they want to invite others to attend. It is vital for the Freedom Movement that we are able to communicate and organize together. I believe that you will find these new areas much easier to use and I encourage you to try it out.

Perhaps my most important new addition to is the online store. Here we have available books, tapes, CDs, DVDs (even some T-shirts) from many of our movement’s most prominent spokesmen and women. Over the next few months the store will grow dramatically as we add even more merchandise. Eventually, the store will offer toys, collectibles and other items consistent with teaching and honoring constitutional principles. Just as is “Freedom’s gathering place on the net,” so too will the Freedom21 store be “Freedom’s gathering place for goods and services.”

Important! The only service the new site will not offer are the e-mail addresses. If you have been using your e-mail address, please note, when the change to the new site is made you will lose access to that address. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Other than that, you will not have to do anything for the changeover. All will be taken care of from our end. If you are paying your monthly or annual subscription by Paypal or by check, that will continue. You will also have the option to pay by credit card through a much easier, direct online process. With the new site, I have down everything possible to make your experience much easier and pain free. Of course, $2 or your monthly membership will still go to the freedom organization that you chose in your initial registration.

The purpose of remains the same: to create a gathering place for Freedom on the Net, where our people can communicate and receive information vital to protecting liberty. As the same time, just by being a member, you are helping to fund the freedom movement with the $2 from your monthly subscription fee. Its never been done before and I’m very proud that you were one of the first to join me in this effort.

If you have any problems or questions abut the new site please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to my attention at [email protected]. I’m very proud of the new site. Please go in, use it, tell a friend to visit and help me fund our movement for freedom.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.