The Job is Not Finished Until the Red Chinese are out of Long Beach

April 3, 2006

By Tom DeWeese

Americans were rightly outraged over the possibility of an Arab nation with ties to terrorists taking control of six major American ports. Protests from across the nation helped to squelch the deal. However, the job’s not finished. The Communist Chinese still control ports at Long Beach.

Congressman Charlie Norwood, (R-GA) made a strong case for getting the Chinese out of the port of Long Beach when he noted that while Dubai has been a reliable partner for America in the War on Terror, Red Chinese officials have threatened invasion of America’s ally on Taiwan and nuclear war against the United States. Says Congressman Norwood, “We have a great deal more to fear from Red China that Dubai.”

One thing is perfectly clear. China is no friend of the United States. It has embarked on an aggressive agenda to overtake the United States by undermining the U.S. economy, its manufacturing capabilities and its national defense.

Economist Hans Sennholz reported in 2005, “American capital is rushing into China, building plants and introducing modern technology while some 20,000 young Chinese are studying at American colleges and universities. At the same time … Chinese companies are investing surplus dollars in the United States, assuming control over American corporations…”

Worse, according to a report by Accuracy in Media (AIM), “The U.S. industrial base has become dangerously dependent in imports, and industries that provide materials critical to our national defense have been in serious decline.” According to reports by the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission, China’s trading practices have resulted in the erosion, some say the decimation, of U.S. manufacturing capacity. China, meanwhile, is fast becoming the manufacturing center of the world.

While China takes aim at hobbling American manufacturing capabilities, it meanwhile slinks around America’s backdoor into Central and South America, seeking allies and trading partners. When the U.S. left a void of leadership in the area as it abandoned the Panama Canal, the Chinese moved in.

According to a 1999 fact finding report issued by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), the Communist Chinese government increased its activities and investments into Cuba, including the creation of major electronic intelligence/jamming facilities directed at the United States.

Panama, the strategic choke point between North and South America has become China’s beachhead in the U.S. hemisphere as the Chinese use trade as cover for intelligence and political operations. According to the Rohrabacher report, “Beijing’s goals are: 1) usurping U.S. political influence in the region; 2) dislodging the political recognition of Taiwan; 3) a base for sabotage in the event of any future U.S.- China conflicts over Taiwan or the South China Sea.

First, the Chinese gained control of both ends of the Panama Canal using a shill company called Hutchison Whampoa. The company is fully owned by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and now holds the contract for a 25 to 50 year lease for the Canal ports. Through those ports the Chinese have engaged in smuggling and money laundering. Everything from drugs to weapons to illegal Chinese aliens are smuggled by the Chinese through the Panama Canal. Much of that contraband (including the aliens) now finds its way into the Untied States through the Chinese-controlled ports at Long Beach.

While building its base in Panama, China has engaged in a major offensive to gain allies in the region. The results of the effort are beginning to show progress for the Chinese as the region is getting ever more hostile to the United States. Oil-rich Venezuela, led by leftist and anti-American Hugo Chaves has recently signed oil and gas deals with China, helping to boost trade between the two nations to $3 billion a year. Brazil has become China’s largest trading partner in the region and the two have already declared a strategic partnership. Bolivia has already voted in an anti-American president, and now the Chinese have offered to sell them new shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles. Argentina is on the list of potential partners as well.

The U.S. southern border isn’t the only area where the Chinese are making inroads. Beijing is looking for new sources of energy and Canada is looking for new international markets. China is now Canada’s second most important trading partner after the United States.

Meanwhile, on the strategic front China is just as relentless in creating weapons which threaten U.S. national security and national interests. Worse, in many cases the U.S. is helping them do it.

China is building up its nuclear forces as part of a secret strategy targeting the United States, according to a former Chinese diplomat. “China’s strategy calls for ‘proactive defense’ and senior Chinese Communist Party leaders think that building nuclear arms is the key to countering U.S. power in Asia and other parts of the world, said Chen Yonglin, a diplomat who had defected to Australia.

China will soon receive a new Kilo Submarine from Russia, part of a naval buildup of modern warships and submarines that has triggered new fear for U.S. military planners. It is the first of eight advanced Kilos that China is acquiring, and intelligence officials say the submarine will be outfitted with advanced SS-N-27 cruise missiles, which are capable of attacking U.S. warships. Since 2002, China has built 14 submarines.

China has taken painful but successful steps to create a weapons-building capability. The Peoples’ Liberation Army has improved its factory quality control and its ability to adapt foreign technology. It is bringing a Chinese-built small F-10 fighter off the production line, and it is moving rapidly toward a “blue water” navy with ships built in China. They are buying and developing capability whose only use is against the U.S. Military.

While the Chinese military buildup grows, the Communists are using their “Most Favored Nation” trading status in the United States to great advantage to undermine U.S. ability to build its own weapons.

This was dramatically demonstrated when the Bush Administration allowed the Chinese to buy GM’s Magnequench, the sole U.S. manufacturer of innovative “quenched” magnets used in the guidance system of smart bombs. China bought the company and promptly moved the whole factory to China.

Today, according to the AIM report, “the U.S. has no domestic producer of the rare-earth element Neodymium, critical in the composition of the magnets..” According to the Pentagon, “Seventy-five percent of the raw materials used to make rare earth magnets is currently supplied by China.”

The United States has engaged in an all out campaign to outsource American jobs oversees as part of its global economy scheme, fueled by NAFTA and GATT. The result is that there is a severe shortage of U.S. manufactures in the country. The nation has become dependent for 50% to 100% of vital natural resources necessary for the building of weapon systems, military jet engines, reconnaissance satellites, telecommunications, electrical transmissions and more. Meanwhile, severe environmental regulations keep the U.S. from mining many critical domestic strategic raw materials.

Clearly the Chinese Communists are building toward a global military and economic domination, as the United States seemingly ignores the threat. Why does the U.S. do this? The official explanation is a confused strategy aimed at “westernizing” the Communists. The idea is that if we feed their economy and create more consumer demands for goods and services we will somehow create a new capitalist nation and ally.

It’s obviously backfiring on us in a huge way. Instead, they mock us. Like any con artist who sees his mark falling into his trap, the Red Chinese feel little more that contempt for what they consider to be and easy foe. And, as their contempt grows, so grows their boldness to act with less caution. The result leads to a more dangerous world, and a less secure United States.

For a sound American national defense and foreign policy, U.S. leaders must recognize the Chinese government for what it is. A brutal, vicious dictatorship that places little value on human life and great stakes in world domination. And we must note their hatred of the United States.

In 2001, within twenty four hours of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the Communist Chinese government had produced books, films and video games glorifying the strikes as a humbling blow against an arrogant nation. According to The Washington Times, “Video discs filled with lurid images have flooded markets across (China) in the wake of the attacks. Disc after disc bears the imprimatur of the Communist Party-controlled media.”

Communist Party officials say President Jiang Zemin obsessively watched and re-watched pictures of the aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center. On the most popular government tape, rescue workers are shown picking through the rubble of the twin towers as the commentator proclaims that the city has reaped the consequences of American bullying of weaker nations.

“This is the America the whole world has wanted to see,” he says. “Blood debts have been paid in blood. On another film the commentary goes on to say, “Look at the panic in their faces as they wipe off the dust and crawl out of their strong buildings – now just a heap of rubble. We will never fear these people again, they have been shown to be soft-belly tigers.”

Over 60 million innocent Chinese have been murdered in the past half century. Much of China’s barbaric treatment of political dissidents happens behind closed doors and prison walls – sterile of independent observers or media.

“Reeducation through labor” camps continue to thrive in China. The latest statistics on record show more than 230,000 persons were being detained in the camps. Psychiatric hospitals continue to imprison political prisoners and drug them against their will. The simple right to bear children does not exist in China. Forced abortions and mandatory sterilizations are the order of the day.

Now the Chinese are preparing to host the Olympics in 2008. the games will provide just one more international vote of confidence that all is well in China. Are we about to repeat the abomination of 1936, when Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany used the Olympics as a propaganda tool to showcase the strength of the Arian nation?

The United States can’t control everything that happens in the world, and we shouldn’t. We can’t make nations like us or be our ally. But we can control what goes on in our own borders. We can begin to make our nation self sufficient again. We can manufacture our own goods. We can make sure we are secure in an ever more dangerous world.

The nation took the first rational step in that direction by saying no to an Arab nation controlling six major U.S. ports. Now, we must finish the job by liberating the 144 acre terminal at the former U.S. Naval station in Long Beach where another shill of the People’s Liberation Army, called COSCO, is smuggling in illegal Chinese aliens to spy on us along with guns to equip Chinese gangs in our cities. To let it stand is to make the Dubai action nothing more than a meaningless gesture for the television cameras.

Some of the information used for this article came from Howard Phillips Issues and Strategy Bulletin and reports by Accuracy in Media.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is President of the American Policy Center and National Grassroots Coordinator for CFACT (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow) working to help local activists organize into Freedom Pods ( He is also the author of three books, including Now Tell Me I Was Wrong, ERASE, and Sustainable: the WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property, and Individuals.