Forcing Global Warming Nightmares On Children

March 1, 2007

By Tom DeWeese

The amount of propaganda poured into the heads of little children in the name of education is astonishing. Case in point: I just received a letter from a little girl in elementary school asking why I don’t believe in global warming. She said her class had watched Al Gore’s outrageous propaganda file, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and then her letter began to spew all of its incredible inaccuracies. She was writing to me because she wanted to know why I didn’t believe in global warming.

First, I have a hard time believing this little girl sat down and wrote the perfectly produced letter on her own. I believe she was participating in a class project perpetrated by a teacher who is probably telling the children about the outrageous skeptics that still exist out there, even after that great visionary, Al Gore, has provided us with all the facts. I can hear the teachers instructing the class “let’s write to those skeptics and see how they crumble under Al’s logic.”

I could be wrong, but I invite you to read the actual letter and judge for yourself. Here it is.

I am a student at xxxxxx Elementary School in xxxxxxxx,xxxxxx. My class watched the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, by Mr. Al Gore. The movie told us that Al Gore goes around the world to many different places and shows a slide show about global warming. I don’t know if you have seen his slide show, but it gives some very good evidence about global warming. I read that you don’t believe in global warming, and I heard why you don’t believe in it, but in my opinion, I think global warming is real.

You know that the polar ice caps are melting, because the temperature is rising. We learned that the greenhouse gases are keeping all of the sun’s rays inside the atmosphere. The rays bounce off the ice caps like a mirror and back up out of the atmosphere. But, whenever they bounce off the ice caps, they melt a little bit. So, if more and more of the sun’s rays are staying in the atmosphere, the water will get warmer and warmer, and melt the rest of the ice caps, because water takes in ninety percent of the ray’s heat. So if there was enough heat to make the water hot around the ice caps, the ice caps will melt. If that happens to all the ice, like in Antarctica and Greenland, the sea level will rise. If the sea level rises, then some places will flood. After the terrorist attack, 9-11, they were going to build a memorial for the people who lost their lives. If the sea level rises, the World Trade Center Memorial would be underwater.

There are many ways to help stop global warming. A few ways I have learned are to change a regular lightbulb to a fluorescent lightbulb. It would save tons of carbon dioxide from going into the air. When people burn forests, it releases tons of carbon dioxide into the air, making those greenhouse gases, which stop sunrays from going back into the sun.

Natural disasters, like tornados, floods, droughts and hurricanes are getting worse every year. Al Gore said it was because the heat from the oceans is getting hotter and hotter, making the hurricane’s velocity and moisture increase, making them more intense, just like Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina wasn’t that bad as it passed over Florida, it was a factor 1 hurricane. But as Katrina went over the ocean, the velocity and moisture increased, making it more and more dangerous. That’s why it did what it did to New Orleans.

Everyone has their own opinion, and yours might be that global warming is one hundred percent not true. Al Gore’s opinion is that global warming is one hundred percent true. My opinion is, knowing that our winters are getting warmer and warmer; I would have to say that global warming is true. I don’t think it’s exactly one hundred percent true, like others might think, but learning from Al Gore and seeing all the effects that global warming has had, I would say that global warming is a big possibility. I would really appreciate if you would respond to me, because I would like to know what you think about it.”

So do you think she wrote this letter on her own? I don’t either.

But I did take the time to write her a response. Perhaps it will help in some way to dilute the vile, one-sided, brain-numbing education machine and get a little truth into one classroom.

Dear Student:

I thank you for your letter concerning my position on global warming. It is so very important that young students such as yourself learn there is more than one side to the global warming argument. It is vital to understand that open debate and discussion is not only important, but absolutely necessary in a free society.

Let me, however clear up one point from your letter about my position. I have not said that global warming doesn’t exist – I have said there is no conclusive evidence of “man” causing the warming. Second, my position has been very clear concerning “consensus” by scientists that man-made global warming is a fact. The truth is there is no such consensus. There is a large group of scientists from around the world, while acknowledging there is a slight warming occurring, believe it is the result of very natural causes and nothing to be alarmed over.

Here are some reports from just a few the scientists who dispute the position of Al Gore and others promoting the global warming scare:

Scientists at Duke University, after careful examination, said, “The magnitude of future global warming will likely fall well short of current highest predictions.”

Dr. Richard Lindzen, atmospheric scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), said that global warming is unlikely to be a dangerous future problem.

Dr. Fred Singer of the University of Virginia says there is no evidence to support the manmade hypothesis.

Much of the misconception over the entire global warming issue centers on the theory that carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere holds in the heat. Of course the contention is that man produces the CO-2. Would it surprise you to learn that carbon dioxide or CO-2 is not a pollutant and is essential for us to live? It is important to note that the volcano in the Philippines, Mt Pinatubo, has erupted several times during man’s existence. Each time it spews more CO-2 into the atmosphere than ALL of the CO-2 man has EVER put there – and it happens EVERY time the volcano erupts. Clearly, man-made CO-2 can have very little impact on the atmosphere.

So what is causing the minor warming that is certainly taking place? Science is now showing evidence of a regular 1,500-year cycle of warming periods, followed by periods of cooling. As an example, the evidence of such a 1,500-year cycle goes back to the Romans who wrote about growing grapes in England. Then, during the Dark Ages, it was too cool to grow them. During the Medieval period, the Britons themselves wrote about growing wine grapes –then for 650 years it was too cool.

Study shows that the Vikings started farms in Greenland. Then it grew too cold and their settlements died. There have been, in fact, some 600 warming periods in the last million years. It’s natural. More evidence comes from study of ice cores in both Greenland and the Antarctic.

Studies also show that sea levels have been rising — about 400 feet – over the past 18,000 years. It’s nothing new. In addition, it is a falsehood to say Polar Bear populations are in decline. Quite the opposite is true.

Yet, as I’m sure you’ve read and discussed in class, a new report was just released by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in which the news media reported that it said man made global warming is a fact. Would it surprise you to learn that the scientific report hasn’t even been released yet? In fact that report won’t be released until next May. What was released to the news media was a “summary” prepared for lawmakers and public officials. It contained no scientific evidence for any of its claims about global warming. This was done specifically to allow the news media to sound the alarm and promote the global warming agenda.

It is important to know that the IPCC has a history of releasing false and misleading reports on global warming. In a report released by the IPCC in 1996, two vital paragraphs were left out. Those paragraphs, written by the scientists who studied the global warming issue, said:

    1. “None of the studies cited about has shown clear evidence that we can contribute the observed climate changes to increases in greenhouse gases.”
    2. “No study to date had positively attributed all or part of the climate changes…to man-made causes.”

Yet, after that 1996 report was released (without these two vital paragraphs) the news media (and Al Gore) used it to declare that global warming was a real threat to the world. There is little hope that the new study, no matter what the science shows, will fair any better.

Finally, according to government statistics, there has been no dramatic increase in Hurricanes in the past 35 years. The average number of storms per year is about 28.5. So far, in the 2000s, there has been an average of 25 storms per year. And in 2006, storms were almost non-existent. Hurricane Katrina did get stronger as it passed over the Gulf of Mexico from Florida. That is a natural occurrence. However, it was not Katrina which caused the major damage in New Orleans. It has in fact been downgraded to a Category 3 storm, hardly out of normal range. The damage to the city occurred when the levies broke, flooding the city. That was a result of government not doing its job, allowing the levies to go into disrepair – hardly a reason for the rest of the world to panic over “killer storms.”

The ocean temperatures do rise about every ten years causing more severe storms. That’s because of a nature occurrence called El Nino. And that’s what we were experiencing in 2005 when such strong storms hit our coasts.

So, if all of this is true, why do so many, like Al Gore, sound the global warming alarm? Money and political power. It is a sad fact that many people will spread such lies and fear for money and power. But it has happened throughout history. Politicians don’t always tell the truth.

We have a saying in politics. “Follow the money.” In other words, to understand why some people do certain things, find out who is getting paid and why. Scientists who use climate change to explain natural environmental changes receive massive grants from government, private foundations and even corporations. The U.S. government will issue over $6.5 billion in grants in 2007. Politicians use global warming as an excuse to create what we call “pork barrel” alternative energy projects. That means they are able to put more than $14 billion into the hands of friends or corporations who in turn donate to their election campaigns. In all, there is more than $20 billion being spent by government, foundations, corporations and environmental activist groups to promote the hysteria of global warming. Each has either money or power to gain.

By the way, let me assure you that my organization has never taken a dime from anyone trying to get me to promote my position on global warming.

Meanwhile, there is a very frightening effort underway to silence the “skeptics” of global warming. Some officials have even advocated that those who oppose global warming hysteria should be arrested. To do so would mean the end of free thought and free speech in the United States.

Whether you agree with anything I’ve said about global warming, surely you and your teachers would not support the jailing of people who simply don’t agree with your positions. To do so would drive this nation into a Dark Ages of fear and superstition with everyone afraid to speak out on any issue. Tyranny would rule us.

These are my answers to your questions. I am sorry that young people like you are forced by school officials and politicians to bear such heavy burdens on your shoulders. No one in elementary school should have to suffer such fear in his or her young lives.

Please don’t worry. Global warming is not a horror that will destroy the earth. It is completely natural. We’ll get used to the warmer winters and the longer growing seasons for our crops. The sea levels will not swallow whole islands and the 911 Memorial in New York will never be underwater – I promise.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.