STEALTH AMNESTY ATTMEPT– Sen. Durbin Hopes Americans Sleep Through DREAM ACT!

September 26, 2007

Action Alert! Action Alert!

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The open-borders Axis of Evil is back at work in the U.S. Senate trying to sneak “immigration reform” by the American public, hoping you’re not watching. Senator Durbin (D-IL), Majority Whip, plans to attach Senator Kennedy’s DREAM Act as an amendment to the 2008 Department of Defense authorization bill. The DREAM Act is a massive amnesty for the children – those millions who illegally entered the United States as children under the age of 16. Do not be fooled! This is a sweeping amnesty for untold millions of illegals. It also grants eligibility for federal student loans and federal work-study programs, encourages law-breaking invaders to join our military, and invites, and in fact rewards, states that defy federal immigration laws, challenging the very foundation of our republic. The DREAM Act must be put to sleep! You must take immediate, aggressive action to ensure the Senate kills this very dangerous legislation!

Under the DREAM Act, any illegal who applies for this amnesty is immediately given “conditional” lawful permanent residence (green card) status, valid for six years. This can be easily converted to non-conditional status, allowing aliens to then seek green cards for the parents who brought them illegally to the U.S., thus providing backdoor amnesty for potentially many tens of millions of illegals who brought their children with them into the U.S.

Any illegal alien can claim eligibility; there are no particular documents required. The DREAM Act has no upper age limit, no set time period during which the alien must have entered the United States, and basically allows just about any illegal alien to evade the law. Absurdly, whether or not an application is valid, the federal government will be prohibited from deporting any illegal alien who files an application, and may not share information from that application with another federal agency (think IRS, DHS, FBI, etc.)!

Beyond amnesty, the DREAM Act also makes invader aliens eligible for federal student loans and federal work-study programs. They will even have the option of serving a two-year hitch in the armed forces of the United States in order to convert to non-conditional permanent resident status. Can you imagine, potentially tens of thousands of non-English speaking invaders swelling the ranks of our nation’s defense forces? Just what is Senator Durbin thinking?

Of equal concern, the DREAM Act provides in-state college tuition rates, nationwide, to illegal aliens. This is shockingly bad public policy, amounting to forcing American taxpayers to pay for the college education of invading aliens! This is outrageous, and an especially nasty slap in the faces of those Americans who struggle to, or simply cannot, afford to put their own children through college. At a time when tuition rates are raising the roof, this expense would be staggering and uncontainable. According to an article ( written by Kris W. Kobach, Professor of Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, California alone “pays more than $100 million annually to subsidize the college education of thousands of illegal aliens,” in violation of federal law.

A 1996 federal law prohibits any state from offering in-state tuition rates to illegals unless that state also offers such rates to any U.S. citizen. Yet 10 states entice alien nationals to violate federal immigration law, gifting them with lower tuition rates than those available to out-of-state U.S. citizens and law-abiding foreign students.

The DREAM Act would sponsor state-subsidized lawbreaking. Currently, 10 states (California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Washington) have passed laws (mostly under cover of darkness to avoid strong public opposition) that offer in-state tuition rates to invading aliens, in willful disregard of Congress and the U.S. Constitution. The DREAM Act offers these 10 states a pardon by retroactively repealing the 1996 federal law these states violated; in essence, the 1996 law would be as if it never existed.

I’m certain you remember all the pundits just three short months ago who assured you immigration reform was a dead issue (at least until after the 2008 presidential election). What a crock! The “grand amnesty” may have failed, but the push is on to achieve it piecemeal. Anyone who understands President Bush’s agenda for continental integration (and then hemispheric, and then global – but I digress) knows this issue will not die… at least until after the 2008 presidential election, and quite probably not for a number of years after that.

Please – you cannot allow yourselves to be discouraged. Open-border groups, stung by your June victory, are mobilized, reportedly financed by open-border billionaires, and determined to generate more faxes and phone calls than you can. But remember, there are a whole lot more of us than them. Show your own determination! It’s time to show these mutts what Americans are made of. These criminal invaders want to steal your national home, your tax dollars, your children’s education, and your livelihoods. You should be mad as Hell! And you better leave NO DOUBT in your Senator’s mind how s/he must vote on this issue.

It appears many of the Senators who voted against Comprehensive Immigration Reform last June now favor the DREAM Act Amnesty. In fact, Roy Beck ( states his Capitol Hill Team cannot identify one Senator that it can guarantee will vote against the DREAM Act Amnesty this week! You must press the Senate hard! If the DREAM Act passes your elected “representatives” will be emboldened to push other amnesty measures later this fall. The DREAM Act must be put to sleep!


  1. Call Senator Durbin’s office.
  2. Call both of your state’s Senators.
  3. Call the Majority Leader, Senator Reid.

Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request. You do not have time to write them a letter, as the vote is expected this week. And Senators may change their fax numbers and email addresses, so call them.

Tell them all – – – NO AMNESTY, NO WAY!

  • No DREAM Act!
  • No SKIL Act!
  • No AgJOBS Act!
  • No STRIVE Act!
  • No Amnesty or Expedited Paths to Citizenship of any kind!
  • No taxpayer funded federal student loans for illegal invaders!
  • No taxpayer funded federal work-study programs for illegal invaders!
  • No illegal invaders in our armed forces!
  • No rewards for illegal behavior!


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Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.