Thank you, Carroll County!

I want to introduce you to five of the most courageous patriots in America.

  • J. Douglas Howard
  • Haven Shoemaker
  • Robin Bartlett Frazier
  • David Roush
  • Richard Rothschild

These are the County Commissioners of Carroll County, Maryland. And together they have launched a revolution that is rocking the nation.

But they need your help.

And your help is as simple as signing the enclosed “Letter of Thanks.”

Let me explain.

These five elected officials, in office less than three months, have declared war on Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development.

Here is what they have done so far in their first three months in office.

First, they have shut down the county’s Sustainable Development Office, created by their predecessors, and terminated its manager.

Second, they terminated the county’s contract with ICLEI – the international organization that is working in over 600 American cities to enforce the UN’s Agenda 21 policy.

Well, ICLEI is not in Carroll County, Maryland anymore – thanks to these new commissioners!

Third, they rejected the County’s Comprehensive Development Plan, the Sustainable Development scheme that had been written by ICLEI.

Why did they do that? Because, said the five Carroll County Commissioners, the plan violated private property rights and the U.S. Constitution!!!!

They said Sustainable Development destroys the American system of limited government. They said this Comprehensive Development Plan was actually the UN’s Agenda 21!

When was the last time you heard an elected body say anything like that in a public meeting?

Truly, these are the elected officials that you and I have been looking for to take a stand against the forces of tyranny that have been relentlessly enforcing the UN’s Agenda 21 policy of Sustainable Development for so long.

But as you can imagine – they are now being attacked by hundreds of NGO organizations, and state and federal agencies who are trying to force them to accept Sustainable Development policies.

They have taken their stand – and now they stand alone. They are the very first elected officials to take this action. There is no play book to show them what to do next.

They are standing for you and me! Our freedom! Our rights as Americans!

If they succeed, then they will be the models that other county and city officials can follow. We can finally destroy Agenda 21 – kick it out of our country – one city and one county at a time.

But, if these five courageous county commissioners are left to fight alone, then they are probably doomed to be destroyed by the very powerful Agenda 21 forces.

You and I cannot let that happen. These are the champions we have so desperately needed.

That’s why it’s urgent that you join me in thanking them and encouraging them to continue the fight against the massive opposition they are receiving?

As I mentioned, I’ve enclosed a special “Letter of Thanks” for you to sign. The letter not only thanks them for their courageous act, but also lets them know they have your support to continue to stand against the Sustainablist forces that are coming after them.

Please sign your letter and return it to me right away so I can send thousands of signed letters to the Carroll County Commissioners within the next ten days.

I was with Commissioner Richard Rothschild just a few days ago. We appeared on a television program together as part of a panel to tell the truth about Agenda 21.

That program will be put on DVD and sent to elected officials and activists around the nation as a teaching tool to build more opposition to Sustainable Development.

Let me tell you some of the things I learned about Commissioner Rothschild while I was there in Carroll County, with him, in his office, in the TV studio, and sitting at the table over lunch.

He told me that he doesn’t care if he is re-elected or not – that he made a determination to do the right thing while he was there.

He is the one who organized the rest of the Commissioners in this fight. He is the spark plug.

He is working with me to create a presentation to be given to other county commissions to show them the truth about Sustainable Development.

He is speaking everywhere he can. He understands how dangerous his battle is. He desperately needs to get more counties to join him.

He knows the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is targeting them and will soon launch an attack on Carroll County.

As I looked around his office I was surprised to find American Policy Center (APC) material everywhere. He learned about Sustainable Development from my writings. And one of the first things he did after taking office in January was to contact me.

Ever since, we have been communicating and exchanging ideas and materials. We will appear together at several events in the next few months.

My visit with him showed me just what an incredible impact APC has had on this issue. It is so exciting to know that I am making a difference.

I’ve known for a long time that, if we could just get one county to take a stand – then others would follow. If we could win a victory in two, then we would soon have five, then ten, then a revolution.

We have our first. And the exciting news is that I am now hearing from several other elected officials from around the nation. I am being inundated with calls and letters with requests for more information and ideas on how to fight back.
We have succeeded in lighting the fire. Now we must turn it into a nation-wide revolution – as ICLEI and Sustainable Development is run out of every city.

After 18 years of fighting a very lonely battle trying to get people to stand up and fight Agenda 21, finally — it has started – now we need to see it to the end.

But I can only do that with your financial support. I urgently need your help now – or we could see our greatest opportunity for victory crushed from a lack of funds.

We need to print and distribute more materials. I have run out of copies of my manual “Sustainable Development, the Wrenching Transformation of America.” There has never been a more urgent time to get this comprehensive manual into the hand of thousands.

In fact, Commissioner Rothschild was holding a copy as I entered his office. It has become his guidebook. I have no more in stock and it costs $3 each to print them. But I do not have the funds to get more. That situation must be fixed if we are to win.

APC has succeeded in mailing our more than 200,000 copies of our survey and special report on ICLEI. I am certain that is the reason opposition to ICLEI is now burning raging across the nation. I need more funds to mail more.

I am receiving more and more calls to speak, from across Virginia, to Maine, to Ohio, To North and South Carolina, to Florida, to Michigan, to Montana, to Idaho, to Washington, to California, I have received calls for help in each of those states.

You can help me answer them. You can help me lead this growing revolution. You can help me pour gasoline on this raging fire for freedom – with your dollars.

That’s what I need most right now. I have the materials. I have the knowledge. And now we have the elected officials to work with us. What an incredible moment in our battle to restore America’s precious Republic.

But we could lose it all without the necessary funds. Please, will you join me in this fight by giving APC your most generous gift? Will you send a contribution to APC for at least MRD today? You’ve given that much before and I’ve never needed it more than today.

If you can give as much as $20 then I’ll be able to reprint my manual and get it out to elected officials so they can use it just like Commissioner Rothschild.

This is our moment. This is our time to lead this fight and crush the forces of tyranny that have strangled our nation for so long. They used to look unstoppable – not any more.

As I said before, if we can stop them in just five counties across the nation, we will start a force that will sweep the nation. It won’t take long – because now we have one!

But it’s vital that you help right now by signing your Letter of Thanks.

When I was with Commissioner Rothschild, I asked him this question.

How are the five of you holding up under the intense pressure and attacks you are receiving from the federal and state government agencies, from the news media and from the hundreds of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are targeting you? Are any of you starting to waiver and have second thoughts about what you are doing”?

Here was his answer: Every day, when we get our mail or get on our computers we receive another 4 or 5 letters or emails of thanks and support. That keeps us going.”

That’s why it is vital that you sign your enclosed Letter of Thanks and mail it to me right away. On my next visit to Commissioner Rothschild’s office, I want to bring boxes of letters and stack them on his desk.

I want to see the look on his face as he opens them.

I want to see the other four commissioners rush into his office to see what I have brought from a grateful America.

Imagine the impact that will have on them as they face the army of Sustainablists who are telling them they must betray you and implement this tyranny called Agenda 21.

And when we show them that kind of support, the word will spread and the next county commission or city council will be less afraid to step out to defend our freedom.

That is what your signed Letter of Thanks and contribution to APC will do.

Thanks for standing with me in this fight to stop Agenda 21.


Tom DeWeese

P.S. We have the elected officials we’ve been looking for – with the courage to stand up against Agenda 21. They must know they have our support to carry on the fight. Please, today, sign the enclosed Letter of Thanks along with your contribution to APC – help me win this fight.

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Tom DeWeese
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Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.