Oppose HJR1083 in Oklahoma!

To all APC supporters in Oklahoma:

This coming week, March 10th, the Oklahoma legislature will consider HJR 1083 – a state call for an Article V Convention of States.

This resolution calls upon the U.S. Congress to convene an Article V Convention. The last time we had such a convention was 1787 and resulted in a new Constitution. While the proponents of such a convention believe that we can restrict the delegates to a single topic such as a balanced budget amendment the reality is that the delegates can’t practically be bound.

Proponents of Article V insist that it is the only thing that will reduce the size and power of government – because government is ignoring the Constitution. Here is the real question for Article V advocates: If government today refuses to follow the Constitution, what will change once it is amended with the Articles of Freedom?

What motivation will suddenly drive the Obamas and Pelosis to say “now that there has been an Article V convention and the Constitution has been amended that it is suddenly the law of the land and we must follow it?” Especially when they oppose those freedom amendments for the same reasons they today ignore the entire Constitution. They do not believe in balanced budgets, gun rights, and control of our borders.

The fact is, if we don’t change the atmosphere and mind set in the nation to one that supports the ideas behind our Constitution (free markets, individual liberty, limited government, and private property rights), then all the amendments in the world aren’t going to change the drive toward more and more government. Then, if we do first succeed in changing the mind-set of the nation to accept our ideas, a convention won’t be needed. We will have the necessary support around the nation to elect the right kind or representatives to restore Constitutional law through their legislative action.

Second. As I listen to Article V proponents make their arguments about how they’re going to bring about change – bringing all of the states together, hold a convention and pass their amendments, they seem to ignore the very existence of the Progressive movement that today controls nearly every aspect of our governing process. What do Article V proponents think these forces are going to do while the convention process is going on? Here’s what my research has found. Progressive groups like the Open Society Institute, the Center for American Progress, and the American Constitutional Society, to name a few, all groups funded by George Soros, are behind a movement for a more “Progressive Constitution.” They are simply not going to let conservatives have the playing field to themselves.

I urge every APC supporter in Oklahoma to contact your state representatives and tell them that you oppose an Article V Convention and you want them to vote NO on HJR 1083.

Please do it now. HJR 1083 will come up for consideration anytime this week. Your state legislators need to hear from you. They are receiving great pressure to pass it from proponents of the Article V Convention. That Convention could be the undoing of our U.S. Constitution. Please take action now to stop it.

Action To Take:
Email ALL members of the Oklahoma House and ask them to OPPOSE HJR1083.

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Now is the time for action.

Please email your state representatives today.

In Liberty,

Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.