Webinar #2 – Attack of the NGOs

Next Session — July 13 at 6:00PM EDT

The 2nd monthly  

FREE Webinar to teach activists

how to stop Agenda 21!

Hosted by 
Tom DeWeese and 
The American Policy Center

The second online event is entitled:

Attack of the NGOs

The presentation cover the following information:

  • Who is behind Agenda 21 and the details on their powerful connections and massive funding?
  • How do they get the official NGO designation and who gives it to them?
  • How have they brought Agenda 21 and sustainable development into every community in America?
  • How do they operate with government entities?
  • Most importantly, how to get rid of them in your community!!!

For this second session, my special guests will be:

  • Dr. Michael Coffman, the man who created the Biodiversity Map. Dr. Coffman has attended international conferences where sustainable policies have been created. He is a renowned expert on Smart Growth policy and on the philosophical root that drives these NGOs to try to change America.
  • Roanoke County, VA Property Rights Activists Linda Stowe LaPrade. The Roanoke Board of Supervisors just expelled ICLEI and shut down the programs it was responsible for putting in place. That has sent shock waves through the Sustainablists. She will tell you how they did it!

In much the same way Mao Tse Tung had his Red Guards, so the UN has its NGOs!

You need to know who they are and how they operate.

That’s why you need to join me in these monthly webinars to learn how to STOP AGENDA 21. 

I will begin by providing an introduction to Agenda 21. Each month we will go into more depth about the issue and the tactics necessary to fight. I will expose the documents that directly tie the American Planning Association and government programs to Agenda 21–the documents they deny exist.

I will bring in experts from the field. In August, we will continue to expose the NGOs with two more experts: Ron Arnold, author of a series of books on the NGOs, including “Trashing the Economy” and “Undue Influence.” Ron is one of the nation’s most knowledgeable experts on NGOs and their web of funding that makes them so powerful.

Also, in the August webinar I will bring in Craig Rucker of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). Craig attends every major UN international meeting and uses Guerilla Theater to expose them. He has met them, debated them, and caused the NGOs major problems.

There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions at the end of each webinar.

The second Stop Agenda 21 Webinar is scheduled for Sunday evening, July 13 at6:00pm EDT.

The first webinar from June 8 is now online in the APC website archives.www.americanpolicy.org/webinars

It’s all Free. All you have to do is sign up.

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Now is the time to organize like never before. We need to build an army of informed and effective activists using the best tactics to stop Agenda 21.

Now is the time to Stop Agenda 21 and restore American Freedom!

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.