EPA has become an OUTLAW agency!

Landowners, homeowners, home builders, construction companies, the forestry and mining industries, and just about everyone else engaged in productive activists in the United States are in the crosshairs of the most far-reaching power grab the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ever undertaken.

Unless they are stopped, production in the United States is about to be destroyed!  

Dear friend,

It’s shocking!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has become an OUTLAW agency of our federal government.

And it must be brought under control. Before it’s too late.Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has introduced a bill to do just that. It’s called the Defense ofEnvironment and Property Act of 2013 (S. 890). 

Senator Paul’s bill is vital for the protection of private property and personal freedom. It is a new weapon to stop enforcement of Agenda 21 policies.That’s why it’s urgent that you sign the enclosed petition to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urging support for S.890 so that we can finally put a stop to the outrages of these outlaw agencies.

Why do I call the EPA and agencies like the Army Corp of Engineers “Outlaws?”

Because they are destroying people’s lives under the pretext of enforcing federal law, particularly the Clean Water Act. As a result, they are locking away millions of acres of private land – using the excuse of protecting the environment.

  • They pretend that occasional mud puddles are wet lands that have to be protected.
  • They arrest property owners for simply improving their land, claiming they have violated the Clean Water Act. Many property owners have served prison time for nothing more than putting some fill dirt in a ditch.
  • They block property owners from building on their land.
  • They issue crushing fines against property owners, even when there is no proven violation.
  • They sneak onto private land looking for violations. And sometimes they even manufacture those violations and then arrest the owners.
  • And when they declare an area of the property to be a wetland, true or not, the property owner can no longer use the land, nor sell it.

This is government out of control.

Property rights in America – your right to own and control your own property — are being destroyed by outlaw agencies like the EPA.

Under Barack Obama the EPA and the Army Corp of Engineers are making it virtually impossible for land owners to live securely on their own property.

This is a tyranny orchestrated to enforce the policies of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development.

Your home could be next. No property is secure. 

But you and I can stop it.

Senator Rand Paul is doing everything he can to protect us. He is fighting in the Senate where dictatorial Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is doing all he can to build the power of government as a force to destroy our rights.

Rand Paul is leading the fight to stop him. You and I must stand with him. He cannot fight this battle alone. But together we can force passage of this vital bill and put a strong leash on the EPA.

First, we need to build support for Senator Paul’s Bill, “Defense of Environment and Property Act, S.890.”

His bill defines exactly what a “navigable water way” is. It is not a mud puddle or a temporary runoff of rain water. How sad it is that a Senate Bill has to clarify these definitions for government agencies entrusted to comply with the law.

But that’s what must be done.

And Senator Paul’s bill also makes it mandatory that Federal agents get written permissionfrom the property owner to enter the land. No more sneaking!

And finally, Senator Paul’s bill tells the federal government that, if it takes private land, thenit has to pay double the value of the land to the landowner.

Why? Because once the government declares that land is a wetland – the property value plummets. Doubling the price will help enforce the “just compensation” provisions of the 5thAmendment to the Constitution.

S. 890 will help stop enforcement of the UN’s Agenda 21 that the EPA and these other federal agencies are working to secretly enforce.

So, please, right now, sign your petition “Support S.890 petition to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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I need thousands of these signed petitions to build support for the bill.

Remember, we have to force it past Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – one of the worst violators of American property rights and individual liberties. And he decides what bills are brought to the Senate floor for a vote.

Only by flooding Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office with signed petitions can we have the power to bi-pass Harry Reid and force a vote in the Senate on S.890.

The good news is that Senator Paul is Senator McConnell’s fellow senator from Kentucky. That will help us get a vote if McConnell sees enough support for the bill from Americans nationwide.

But it won’t happen without our efforts!  So please sign and return your petition to me today.

Second, will you also include a contribution to APC with your signed petition? APC has been on the front lines fighting these agencies for many years.

In fact, APC is one of the only organizations that’s been in this fight from the beginning. I have personally worked with some of the victims I’ve described here. I have shared their tears and frustrations and I pledged to get justice for them.

You and I must stop these outlaw agencies before they ruin the lives of more innocent Americans. Your financial support of APC will help make sure that happens.

You have seen what APC can do when we take on a battle. The huge national battle now raging across the nation against Agenda 21 is a direct result of APC’s 20 year fight to expose this massive UN threat. I never gave up. I kept fighting against all odds. And as a result – today we are making huge progress in stopping Agenda 21.

Your financial support is all I have to wage these battles. No corporations will give us grants because APC is too controversial. Nor will any large foundations – for the same reason.

And that’s OK with me. I much prefer to be supported by dedicated individual contributors like you. That keeps APC independent and much more effective in our fight against the tyrannical forces like the UN and the EPA.

But that does make it more difficult for me to raise the funds I need to fight this battles to stop the outlaw agencies like the EPA. That’s why I’m counting on you!  

So, please, will you help me lead this battle to pass Senator Rand Paul’s Defense of Environment and Property Act (S.890) so we can reign in these outlaw agencies.

Send your petition now

I need your contribution of at least $25 today. If you can donate as much as $50, $75 or even $100 or more, I’ll be able to build a national outcry against the Federal land grabs.

Whatever amount you can send – I urgently need it today. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will do everything he can to kill S. 890 so that the outlaw EPA can continue to terrorize American property owners.

With your signed petition to Minority Leader McConnell, and your generous contribution to APC today, we can win. Just as we are winning battles against Agenda 21 in communities and state legislatures across the country.

But it won’t happen without your help.

Please join me in this battle to stop these outlaw agencies.

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Tom DeWeese

Tom DeWeese
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Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.