Webinar #9: Common Core: The Curriculum for Agenda 21

Webinar #9: March 8th at 6PM EST
Rotten to the Core:Common Core is the
Education Curriculum for Agenda 21
It’s obvious to almost everyone that our schools are failing to teach standard academics. But that’s just the tip of the ice burg. The real purpose of public education has transformed into behavior modification to mold our children into being the perfect “Global Village Idiots” to live in the “sustainable” world of the future. They won’t question authority. They won’t know anything about America’s past and why it was a special place. They will readily accept the “Globally Acceptable Truth” handed down by their masters and they are being prepared to be simple cogs in the wheel of a global “ecoligarchy” where every part of their lives are pre-determined by someone else. That is Common Core.
My guest for this special webinar session is Michael Chapman.
Mike is head of American Heritage Research and, in my opinion, the very best in the nation to tie together Agenda 21 and the public education curriculum. He and I have traveled together for years, speaking out on the issue. In fact, Mike is one of the five original national speakers on Agenda 21, along with myself, Henry Lamb, Michael Coffman and Michael Shaw.

In his early days of activism, Michael Chapman was part of Ed Watch, out of Minnesota and traveled extensively around that state with now-Congresswoman Michelle Bachman in an effort to stop these policies from being enforced in Minnesota schools.

Mike will connect the dots, name the players and the programs and detail the full impact of Common Core on our children and our society.

I will also be joined on this session by Lynn Tegar, a property rights activist in New York. Lynn has been very effective in helping to organize the property rights movement in that state.

As you know, on the January webinar I announced my Five Point Plan to stop Agenda 21. And I asked for 100 volunteers to help me raise the necessary budget of $500,000. Lynn Tegar has answered that call and she is joining us to tell how she is working to raise the money we need. Here presentation is vital.

Because the fact is, after I announced the plan and asked for help in raising the budget money, it became painfully clear that many people are very reluctant to approach friends and family for funds. I certainly understand that reluctance.

But Lynn has come up with a plan to do it in a way most people will be comfortable and highly successful as well. So I asked her to join the webinar and give us the details.

If we are going to stop Agenda 21 then we must put this five point plan in place.

I will also reveal some of the progress I’ve made in the last month to get the plan moving forward.

Things are happening. I’m excited. We can win this fight. Join me and learn details about Common Core and how to fight it. And learn how you can help launch my Five Point Plan to crush Agenda 21!

I told you from the beginning that my purpose in presenting the monthly webinars was to build an effective army of trained activists to stop the Agenda 21 monster that threatens to change our American system of government and way of life.

This plan will change the game for our cause. It will bring new direction, new energy, new ideas.

And I believe it will stop Agenda 21
But I cannot do it without you!

Here is your call to action!
Join me on March 8th at 6PM EST
for this very important installment.

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Tom DeWeese
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Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.